HTC Leo and Mega to be awesome and not-so-awesome, respectively?

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|07.21.09

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HTC Leo and Mega to be awesome and not-so-awesome, respectively?
This is all pretty well unsubstantiated at this point, but evidence is building that HTC has a couple heretofore-unknown codenames in the works -- Leo and Mega -- that are being prepped to help usher in the wide world of Windows Mobile 6.5. Contrary to what its name might suggest, Mega might be the weakling of the pair, rocking a mere QVGA display, which as far as modern WinMo sets go, is pretty much the only spec we need to know to put us to sleep. The Leo, though, might be a far more serious device, likely moving up to wide VGA; furthermore, information gleaned from the leaked TouchFLO 2.5 build suggests that it supports OpenGL ES 2.0, which would demand a high-potency core like Snapdragon. It's actually all starting to sound a little bit like Firestone, but given the sheer quantity of phones HTC produces, we wouldn't put it past 'em to be hard at work at several Snapdragon-powered phones with virtually identical specs right now, possibly with different markets in mind.

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