Zoom brings stereo audio to Q3 pocket camcorder

While those into good sound likely warmed to Zoom's H4n Handy Recorder back at CES, the Samson Technologies-owned company has just switched the game up on us with its newfangled Q3 Handy Video Recorder. As the product name implies, it's the first pocket camcorder to hit the market with such a serious focus on good sound, packing a directional, dual condenser microphone setup that enables shooters to capture clips at 24-bit/48 kHz while even focusing the mics on the sound source. The camcorder itself can log clips at an uninspiring 640 x 480 (30fps), while a pair of AA batteries gives you around two hours of life. There's also a 2.4-inch LCD, a bundled 32GB SD card (holds 16 hours of footage), a built-in speaker for previews, TV output, a tripod mount and USB 2.0 connectivity. If this bad boy did 720p, we'd be handing over our $249 with a heart full of thanks. Full release is after the break.

Zoom Debuts Q3 Handy Video Recorder.
Brings Brilliant Stereo Recording to the Portable Camcorder

Q3 Handy Video Recorder features professional audio recording,
USB connectivity and file sharing versatility in one complete portable video solution

Hauppauge, NY – July 20, 2009 – Zoom, makers of award-winning professional audio recording devices including the H4n Handy Recorder, are pleased to announce the launch of the Q3 Handy Video Recorder. Bringing professional audio to portable video recordings for musicians, videographers, educators, live music fans... the Q3 is ideal for anyone looking for great audio on their videos. The Q3 also includes HandyShare software for editing and uploading videos to YouTube.

"Portable camcorders are very popular today, however, one significant feature that's been missing is professional audio quality," says Scott Goodman, President of Samson Technologies. "With our outstanding audio technology and studio-quality microphones onboard, the Q3 is the best sounding video camcorder you've ever heard."

With two condenser microphones on-board, the Q3 uses the same X/Y pattern that gives recording pros the best stereo recording possible. You can record audio at 24-bit/48 kHz for "high-definition" quality audio on your video. And with the Q3's directional microphones, you can "focus" the mics on your sound source similar to an "audio zoom" function. The result is great sounding videos with natural depth and highly accurate stereo imaging.

The Q3 also features a 2.4-inch LCD display that includes audio level meters, battery indicator, time elapsed and video display. It accepts up to a 32 GB SDHC card delivering up to 16 hours of movie making! Users can upload videos to their computer with the ingeniously designed USB cable for immediate editing and sharing. Powered by 2 AA batteries, the Q3 will record for up to two hours in brilliant stereo and true 640 x 480 resolution refreshed at 30 frames per second.
"Anyone who's ever experienced a film with great audio knows how vital sound is to the movie," says Mark Wilder, Samson Director of Marketing. "With the Q3 Handy Video Recorder, Zoom has made it remarkably easy to get great audio on your videos, making the Q3 perfect for musicians, educators, bloggers, journalists, videographers, social media fanatics ... anyone who cares about great sound."

Please see below for a complete list of the Q3's product features:

* Recording Time – Up to 16 hours with a 32GB SD Card
* Built-in Stereo Microphones – Same X/Y stereo condenser microphones as the award-winning H4n
* Audio Format with Video – 44.1/48kHz 16/24-bit Linear PCM or MP3 audio up to 320kbps
* Audio Only – 96kHz 16/24-bit Linear PCM
* LCD Screen Size – 2.4 Inches, 320 x 240 Resolution
* Video Recording Quality – 640 x 480 Resolution
* Frame Rate – 30 frames per second
* Video Format – MPEG-4 SP
* Optics Lens Type – Fixed Focus (0.8m to infinity)
* Battery Type – Two AA batteries provide up to 2 hours of life. Alkaline or Ni-MH rechargeable compatible
* Computer Connectivity – USB 2.0 with cable built-in
* Built-in Speaker – Designed for immediate playback
* TV Output – NTSC / PAL
* Tripod Mount – Built-in
* Included Software – HandyShare built-in editing and YouTube uploading software & Apple Quicktime
* Retail price – $249.00