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GoPro offers 1080p high-def in a little helmetcam with the HD Hero Wide

GoPro offers 1080p high-def in a little helmetcam with the HD Hero Wide
Tim Stevens
Tim Stevens|July 23, 2009 6:41 AM
The high definition-helmetcam wars are heating up. We recently tested the VholdR's sleek ContourHD 720p goggle-mounted shooter and definitely enjoyed it... but you know us: always looking for more. More is what the GoPro HD Hero Wide looks set to offer, with full 1080p recording at 30fps; a first in the extreme camera segment and not something frequently found in a device this small. Just as impressive is a 720p at 60fps recording mode, perfect for catching every detail of your aerials and varials -- and subsequent faceplants. We're still not particularly fond of the "cube on the head" look of the thing, but that cube will at least now contain an 1100mAh battery, said to offer a solid two to three hours of battery life. Quite a package, and while the expected package price of $299 is $100 more than the company's current offerings, it's still solid value. No word on when this will be showing up at the supercross scene.

[Photo courtesy of Freeskier Magazine, thanks Chad]
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