Meet the Sparkplay Media team: Part One

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|07.23.09

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Meet the Sparkplay Media team: Part One

Here at Massively we recently got the chance to sit down with a couple members of the Sparkplay Media team and pick their brains about their upcoming MMO, Earth Eternal. However, these guys had a lot to say to us! So much so that we couldn't fit it into one of our standard interviews!

So that's why we're bringing you "Meet the Sparkplay Media Team," a two part feature article with all of the info and answers that we've been exposed to. Today and tomorrow you're going to get to know the lead designer, a concept artist, lead writer (and moonlighting CEO), and one of the programmers behind Earth Eternal.

Today we're sitting down with Greg Chapman, the lead designer, and Alex Madrigal, one of the concept artists. If you wish to comment on today's interviews, please do so on page two of our interviews. Otherwise, hit that continue reading button and come on in!

Massively: Is there any taste we can get of some of the story in Earth Eternal? Will any story or plot be revealed through the more "standard MMO" portion of the game?

Greg Chapman, Lead Designer: Matt wrote a very rich and detailed back story upon which the entire game is built. The quest threads feed directly from the back story. In some cases giving you the information from the lore – for those who may not have read the back story already. In other cases events of the past have a direct impact on the present. As a player you are playing through new bits of story that are happening presently.

What Earth Eternal race represents you the best and why?

Greg: Daemon. I have used the nick "BLZBOB" for longer that you can imagine.

If you could pick out your favorite part of Earth Eternal, what would it be and why?

Greg: I am a big fan of our creatures. We certainly have quite an array of non-standard things walking around the world. I especially love the Mad Cow.

What has been the most difficult obstacle for you to overcome in your work on Earth Eternal?

Greg: Big scale project – small team. That would be the biggest obstacle.

Can you give us a taste of the plot players will encounter in Earth Eternal? What is the main basis for their struggle?

Greg: There are quite a few threads that players will encounter as they progress through the game. As the Beasts have now returned, so have the old threats. A host of evil and power hungry foes are found at every turn – Vampires, Undead, the Rotted, Anubians, the Shadow Legion, and even grumpy Dragons! Players will be needed to help fight all these threats and more.

So, regarding group play, what do you guys have in store? Will we be seeing group quests and dungeons? Will any raids be present? If you can reveal what these things will be based on, what can we expect from these types of group activities?

Greg: At the launch of the game the largest group size is five players. Some quests will suggest that you bring friends – and you should. At the same time some dungeon content can be completed by a solo player. We will not have "raid" content at launch. All the dungeon spaces will be aimed at no more than a single group. Dungeons are instanced and range from a single room – like the inside of a massive tree stump – to massive sprawling spaces that will keep a full group busy for hours.

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