Mass Effect save file transfers 'hundreds' of decisions to sequel

When BioWare told us to hold on to our save files from Mass Effect for use in the highly anticipated sequel, our minds drew simple conclusions. We figured it would determine our character's appearance, for example. However, a recent PC World interview with Mass Effect 2 lead producer Casey Hudson reveals the save file's true purpose: it keeps track of your every decision during the first game, which in turn will affect the plot of the second.

Not just the big decisions, either -- Hudson says that the player made "hundreds" of choices in Mass Effect that have an impact on the sequel. For instance, Commander Shepard superfan Conrad Verner made a brief appearance in the first game. Players could respond to his fandom in a number of ways (ignoring him, threatening him, supporting him) -- however you decided to treat Conrad will ultimately affect his subplot in the second game. Us? We sent him to hostile alien territories to go snipe hunting. We're worried he'll have a bone to pick with us.

This all sounds very cool, but we're still curious whether or not our characters' stats, abilities and equipment will carry over from the first game. Screw the story elements -- we're attached to raw, unbridled power.

[Via VG247]