One Shots: Out for ore

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One Shots: Out for ore

If you're a fiend for fun freeform gaming coupled with role-playing, you can definitely find that in a game like EVE Online. Today's beautiful One Shots of an ORE mining barge was accompanied by a long note sent in to us by a contributor we haven't heard from in a while. Hello again Massively - Dab here! Last time I sent in something to you, it was my little Shaman, in Warhammer Online. I have since taken a break from Warhammer Online (can't afford more than one subscription right now), and have decided to give EVE Online another try.

In 2004, Earth & Beyond shut down (still my fav MMO of all time), and I gave EVE a try. At that time, EVE's tutorial was a joke, and the game took far more patience than I had at the time. I abandoned it before my trial period was even over. Fast-forward to 2009, and I am completely hooked. The sheer depth of the game is breathtaking, as is its sandbox nature. Mining was always a very relaxing thing for me to do in E&B, and I have rediscovered its joys once again. Maybe I have matured, maybe it was a slightly better New Player Experience - or most likely, a combination of both.
Click on past the break to hear the rest from Dab!

This screenshot is of my character Dabloss' brand new Retriever-class Mining Barge, "Yukon Goldrush". It took a lot of mining, trading and running missions (not to mention Skill training), but I scraped together enough ISK to buy one and fit it with shiny new Strip Miner I lasers. As Dabloss sets out to mine his fortune in ore, this beautiful scene appeared in front of him. A good omen for a prosperous day cracking asteroids, one would hope.

If you'd like to send in a quick story about your character, an achievement in-game that you're proud of, or just your every day experiences, we'd love to have them! Just email us your screen, story, name, and the name of the game at oneshots AT massively DOT com. We'll post it out here for everyone to read!
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