Breakfast Topic: Will you buy the TCG mounts now they're no longer BoP?

Lesley Smith
L. Smith|07.28.09

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Breakfast Topic: Will you buy the TCG mounts now they're no longer BoP?

Earlier in the week, we mentioned that mounts from the WoW Trading Card Game are no longer Bind on Pickup. Do you hear that ever-advancing noise? That thunderous roar? That's the sound of a million collectors cheering their little hearts out. Ever the boon and bane of the die-hard mount addict, these cards have been known to fetch a pretty price on eBay and have been the subject of recent scams. Indeed as the owner of El Pollo Grande, the Big Battle Bear (aka The Red Bearon) and both forms of the X-51 Nether Rocket, I can relate. I really want the infamous Spectral Tiger and now, for the right sum of gold, it seems like I could have a chance.

So I wonder, constant readers, does this change mean you will finally be able to get your hands on a mount without paying top dollar on an auction website? How much exactly, while we're at it, would you be willing to pay with in-game gold for a mount? Why do you think Blizzard have implemented this system? Is it just another gold sink or the answer to many players' prayers?

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