The Daze of Darkfall Week 3: Keep rollin', rollin', rollin', yeah pt. 2

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|07.29.09

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Lucky for me one of my clanmates ran along and saw me, quickly reviving me. I jumped up, put on my polearm, and ran pretty aimlessly into combat. Two polearm swings later, I got shot in midair while jumping. I fell over dead (again) and was ganked this time. Awwww.

My game reloaded and I found myself back at the bindstone, but I was in quite a predicament. Remember the bloodwall? Yeah, well, our invaders had killed everyone on there pretty easily, as they were obviously AFK. Well, they too had respawned at the bindstone... and I spawned in the middle of them. You can't clip other people in Darkfall. You can't push them (except with certain weapons) either. I was trapped in a pile of AFK meat, unable to actually get out.

"Sera, where are you at, why aren't you defending?" one of my guild leaders asked. I took the moment to explain to him how I was unable to defend as I was stuck in a pile of AFK people. Really, really, stuck.

"If I could compare it to another MMO, I'd say it's like PlanetSide's combat crossed with EVE's rules."

"I'll be the judge of that," he gruffly responded, as if he didn't believe me. He walked over to the bindstone, found me jumping up and down in the middle of an AFK pile like an idiot, my purple hair barely making it over the heads of the many orks and mahirim (wolf people) and then lowly said over Ventrilo, "Sera's exempt from defense until we get her out..."

But not all is bad and stuck in a pile of corpses

After things had calmed down and I had been freed from the corpse pile, however, we were attacked three more times. Out of those three times we had won twice -- succeeding in driving the offenders off or killing them all. We were obviously getting better at this stuff, and it provided an interesting experience for someone like myself.

To be honest, it feels like a deathmatch, except without guns. The enemies invade and you pelt them with arrows and/or magic. They get close and you pull out two-handed weaponry or a one-handed weapon with a shield. You attempt to gang up on someone and kill them, while they attempt the same. Then, one side gets obviously defeated while the other side quickly overruns. It's all very predictable.

If I could compare it to another MMO, I'd say it's like PlanetSide's combat crossed with EVE's rules. Fighting is focused on cities (or bases) where you attack or defend to hold/steal what's there, except losing hurts and there's no fancy recall into combat. PlanetSide is snappy when it comes to combat because that's PlanetSide's focus -- Darkfall focuses on outcomes, like EVE does. Therefore, combat is not snappy in Darkfall, it's a brief experience punctuated with death and loss.

I did survive for one of the battles where we won, if that's what you're wondering. I did archery (I like archery) and even got down and dirty with my polearm. I didn't gank anyone, but perhaps I'll get that honor another time.

One more week

Well, we're winding down. There's only one more week left in The Daze of Darkfall. I can't speak too much on the clan's activities and plans, but I can say this: There will be raids. Lots and lots of raids. Perhaps now I get to see what it's like on the other side of this thing.

I know what you're looking for -- week 1 and week 2. Well, look no further than here!
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