Update: 38 Studios sets facts straight on Copernicus

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|07.29.09

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Update: 38 Studios sets facts straight on Copernicus
In a follow-up to our story posted yesterday, 38 Studios has contacted us with a response on the issue of the game's cost to be between 50 million and 100 million and their "tenative release date" as reported by the Boston Globe.

According to 38 Studios, the 50 to 100 million figure came from the Boston Globe and not 38 Studios, as finances were never disclosed to the newspaper. Production costs were never mentioned as well during the interview. What was noted in the interview was that MMOs can be quite expensive to build, sometimes costing tens of millions of dollars to put together. As said to us by the company, "38 Studios is a private company and does not, and has never, disclosed financials."

Furthermore, the company wishes to stress that the supposed "December 2010" release date is not a date they wish to acknowledge. The company will release the game codenamed Copernicus when it is ready, currently wishing to not set any dates for their upcoming game.

Follow after the break for the full release from 38 Studios regarding the release date of Copernicus.
"38 Studios has reached several significant milestones in the development of its upcoming MMOG, codenamed Copernicus. While there are rumors that the game will be released in Q4 2010, this is not, nor has ever been, an official release date. When the company first formed, tentative dates were discussed; however, 38 Studios will release Copernicus when the project is complete to our standards and satisfaction. Fans can look forward to 2010 when the company will begin discussing details on the intellectual property."
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