3-in-1 Wii controller adapter now a 2-in-1, coming out in September

You may have noticed that the Komodo Retro Adapter, which connects NES, SNES, and N64 controllers to the Wii for use in Virtual Console games, didn't come out in June as planned. We realized that authentic NES Max control was missing from our Wii-playing lives, and so we checked in with distributor Innex to find out the status of the product.

Innex informed us that the device has been delayed until September, due to "configuration issues" with the N64 controller port. Also, as a result of that same problem, the device will only have NES and SNES ports. Innex tells us that it is still working on the N64 compatibility. We wonder if the updated 2-in-1 device will still be shaped like a tiny Nintendo 64.