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Alienware M17x with dual-GPU review roundup

Alienware M17x with dual-GPU review roundup
Ross Miller
Ross Miller|August 3, 2009 8:16 PM
There's no question that Alienware's M17x with dual-GPU system is one the most powerful -- if not the most powerful -- laptop out there right now, but at 15.4 pounds and a sub-two hour battery life, the definition of "laptop" is being stretched a bit here. A handful of reviews have hit the interwebs, and the none too startling consensus is you'll be paying for the best here, especially with configuration options that can slot up to $5,000 -- CNET Australia suggests looking at the ASUS W90 if you want a better bang for your buck. The capacitive buttons above the keyboard aren't too responsive, there's no multitouch, and Hot Hardware noticed some flex in the center of the keyboard, but on the flip side, you'll be running full HD video and the most taxing games with little to no strain -- and if you like your keyboard to look like a light show, there's eight different sections to customize with different-colored LEDs. Guide your mouse to the links below for more in-depth discussion.

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