Left 4 Dead 'Crash Course' campaign DLC free on PC, $7 on 360 - this September

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And yes, that's Left 4 Dead ONE, last year's popular zombocalypse simulator, and not this year's "controversial" sequel. True to its word, Valve has announced details of an upcoming DLC campaign for the game, sending conspiratorial crybabies ("Left 4 Dead 2 is a cash-in and they'll never support Left 4 Dead 1") back to the drawing board. Though Left 4 Dead 2 is purported to last "much longer" as a platform, Valve clearly isn't ready to abandon the original.

Targeted for this September, "Crash Course" is an entirely new campaign that "bridges the gap" between the end of the "No Mercy" campaign (think: rooftop helicopter evacuation) and the beginning of "Death Toll" (think: turnpike riddled with abandoned cars). The new campaign includes "new locations, new dialogue from the original cast, and an explosive finale," and it spreads the mayhem across a co-op campaign, survival maps, and a "streamlined version" of the Versus mode experience lasting 30 minutes.

All this for the asking price of ... $0? Oh, but that's on PC only, friend. If you've waged war on the reanimated dead via your Xbox 360, you'll be paying 560

($7 Earth bucks) for the privilege of adding "Crash Course" to your repertoire. Think about it this way, 360 gamers: if the original $60 game included just four maps, $7 for this set is a value, right? Hey, where are you going?