Tony Hawk Ride dated, priced, limited edition'd in UK

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Tony Hawk Ride dated, priced, limited edition'd in UK
Activision has made the first official announcement regarding the price of Tony Hawk Ride. In the UK, a set containing the game and board will cost £99.99 ($169) upon its November 20 release. The only information we have for a North American price to compare is the $120 at which GameStop currently lists the game. Apparently, the game is called Tony Hawk Ride because you'll need to start riding in friends' cars after you sell your own for peripheral money.

UK retailer GAME will offer an exclusive limited edition of Ride (Xbox 360/PS3/Wii), featuring the red-and-black hawk artwork seen above, for the same price. It also has the game's logo on it so you don't confuse it with a real skateboard. That would be embarrassing.
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