Sprint and HTC Touch Pro2 tie the knot in early September?

Ross Miller
R. Miller|08.08.09

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Sprint and HTC Touch Pro2 tie the knot in early September?
We've seen more than enough evidence surface to convince us that HTC Touch Pro2 is making its way over to Sprint at some point, and now this morning comes two interesting piece of information each pegging a release date for early September. Only problem is, the pair can't seem to agree on exactly what that day will be. Phone Arena's gotten its hands on an alleged leaked document hailing straight from the Now Network that claims Thursday, September 3rd is the lucky day, while on the flip side, Engadget reader Louis wrote in to let us know of an apparent reply he got from Sprint customer service that told him it'd be up for sale on Tuesday, September 8th. That last one's pretty peculiar, given the carrier's yet to even confirm the device's existence, but that hasn't necessarily stopped blabbing reps before. With both of these days now less than a month away, chances are we won't be waiting too much longer to know for sure.

[Via pocketnow; thanks, anthony]

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