Groovy: Interplay and Gameloft making new downloadable Earthworm Jim

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Groovy: Interplay and Gameloft making new downloadable Earthworm Jim
Interplay has announced a new Earthworm Jim for PSN, WiiWare, XBLA, and mobile platforms. Well, specifically, it announced that Gameloft will develop and publish a new Earthworm Jim game on those platforms. Which is ... considerably less exciting than if original creators Shiny Entertainment (now a part of Double Helix) were to return to the franchise. However, it is possible that this is the "Earthworm Jim 4" project for which creator Doug TenNapel was hired to consult -- which would be very groovy indeed.

The recent XBLA Genesis poll proved that there is a sizable Earthworm Jim fanbase, a fact that must have delighted executives at Interplay and Gameloft as they prepared to make this announcement. We didn't realize there are still that many Earthworm Jim fans in the world after Earthworm Jim 3D -- a game with which we hope this new release has nothing in common.

Earthworm Jim will debut on XBLA in the "last quarter of 2009," and will remain exclusive to that platform for one month.

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