Top 5 helpful hints for your first days in Fallen Earth

Shawn Schuster
S. Schuster|08.17.09

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Top 5 helpful hints for your first days in Fallen Earth

The Fallen Earth NDA has lifted today and we can't even express how happy we are to talk about this game. To finally have a true post-apocalyptic title built on a skill-based, classless system is a dream for those of us who remember the old days before loot and levels were king. Sure, there are still loot and levels in Fallen Earth, but the gameplay allows for so much more than that as a main focus.

So we thought we'd write up this quick, handy guide that should help you have a better initial experience with the game, pointing out some of the more quirky tips that other beginner guides may not include. Follow along after the jump for the complete list, and be sure to keep your eye on Massively for more Fallen Earth guides and lists coming soon!
5 - Remember your flashlight
Pressing the 'F' key, will bring up your flashlight which can be very beneficial in the darker underground areas or during the night. That's not really to say this game is as dark as something like Fallout 3, where the Pipboy light was a necessity, but there are a few places where you'll be glad you remembered your flashlight.

4 - Pan your camera for that perfect view
In most MMOs, you can pan your camera around with the left or right mouse button. This allows you to see the front of your character and admire the new armor or weapon you just snatched from a dead enemy's cold hands. In Fallen Earth, there's an extra step that many new players miss. Hold down the Alt key with your right mouse button and your camera can pan around as much as you'd like. That way, screenshots and videos will include your character's face, instead of just the back of their head. To take this a bit further, you can use Alt + F10 to hide your UI and Ctrl + Q for a screenshot.

3 - Stretch your skill bar
Several MMOs have a feature buried deep in the Options panel that allows you to add more skill bars (or hotbars or items bars, etc) to your UI. In Fallen Earth, you may find yourself frustrated when you realize that option doesn't exist. Although it is annoying to not have multiple skill bars, you can actually stretch your existing skill bar across the bottom of your screen up to 20 slots. On the right-hand side, grab the corner and stretch away. You'll be glad you did later in the game when you actually start opening up some useful skills.

2 - Be ready for tricky quest dialogue
This is something we certainly love about the game, but we thought we'd cheat a bit and warn you. Many times you may find yourself skipping quest text to get through a quest. Not us, of course, but we've heard that people do this sometimes. If you're one of those people, you may find yourself stuck in a dialogue dead-end or not able to continue on to the next part of the quest chain. Reading the quest text will prevent this. We warned you!

1 - Mind your inventory!
This can be said for most MMOs, but in Fallen Earth it's more a matter of discovering where you can increase your inventory options. For instance, your horse or other vehicles have storage space. Some have more than others, but it's certainly helpful to throw your stacks of scrap iron into your horse's saddle rather than drag it around in your own pack. There's also VIP storage that you can open when you've gained enough reputation with the Bankers. Finishing their quests are essential for any good packrat.

So there you have it! While you're busy scavenging for crafting materials and bashing open some mutated Prairie Chickens, keep this list in mind. If you've been playing in the beta and have your own helpful hints, feel free to add them to the comments below.
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