First Look: Watermark your iPhoto pictures with Impression

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Blue Crowbar Software is a small Belgian Mac development firm that is quickly making a name for itself for its innovative iPhoto and Aperture plugins. We've previously covered iPhoto2Twitter here on TUAW, and now Blue Crowbar has announced a new iPhoto plugin for adding watermarks to pictures in your iPhoto library.

Watermarks are those faint, transparent designs that websites often use to mark exclusive photos when breaking a big story. For example, many of the great fake iTablet "photos" that we've received during the past few weeks have been emblazoned with a watermark for one Mac site or another. Impression (€9.90 -- about US$14.10) works in iPhoto to put watermarks onto your iPhoto pictures. If you're worried that a watermark might ruin a perfectly good picture, don't be. Impression makes a copy of the picture, then creates a watermarked version which is also saved into your iPhoto library.
Like iPhoto2Twitter, Impression works through the File > Export command. Once installed, Impression has its own pane on the Export settings panel. Select a photo or group of photos, Choose File > Export, click on the Impression button, and then use the buttons in the heads-up display. Those buttons allow you to select a PSD, PNG, or RTF file containing your watermark, rotate the watermark, or change the margins, transparency, and location of the watermark.

You can try out Impression for free by downloading it from the Blue Crowbar website (click starts download).
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