Tegra to hit 'media pads' soon says company man Mike Rayfield

Joshua Topolsky
J. Topolsky|08.24.09

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Mike Rayfield, the general manager of NVIDIA's mobile unit, sat down for a lengthy -- if somewhat restrained -- chat with Hexus recently, and he had some fairly interesting things to say about his company's Tegra strategy. The discussion mostly consists of generalities about the roadmap for the high-power, low-weight chipset, but it takes a more interesting turn when Rayfield goes into detail on the types of devices we can expect to see in the near future. At about two minutes into the conversation, there's mention of a "media pad," which prompts some further inquiry from the interviewer. Rayfield goes on to describe the device as a "3G capable touchpad" ranging in size from 7- to 13-inches. Now what's notable about the mention is that back in April reports were flying hot and heavy that Apple was working on a "media pad" device in partnership with Verizon which would "define the damn category." We don't like to wildly speculate, but since Apple and NVIDIA have a healthy history of teaming up on special projects, and since the rumored focus of the mythical Apple tablet is media playback and gaming, we wouldn't rule out a possible connection here. If you want to do your own sleuthing, check out the full video for yourself after the break -- and we recommend a frame-by-frame look at 2:23.

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