DirecTV adds "dual live buffers" to its HD DVR

Ben Drawbaugh
B. Drawbaugh|08.26.09

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DirecTV adds "dual live buffers" to its HD DVR
DirecTV HR21
The feature we all know and love as dual live buffers has finally comes to DirecTV's HR21/HR20 with the snazzy name of Doubleplay. Not a moment too soon either as there's no better time to be able to pause and rewind live TV on two different channels at once than when watching football -- never did understand why all the NFL games were on at the same time. The other sports related feature, called Live Extension, to make it out of beta this week gives users the ability to easily extend a recording. The default is an extra 30 minutes, which is usually enough to grab a game that goes a little long, but if the game goes into overtime you can extend it up to three hours.
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