Microsoft 'destroyed' FASA culture, but I defended Bungie, Weisman tells all

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Microsoft 'destroyed' FASA culture, but I defended Bungie, Weisman tells all
From success story to sufferer to savior, Jordan Weisman has laid claim to a variety of positions during his journey through the harrowing halls of Microsoft. The FASA Interactive founder has blasted his former overlord -- and sculpted some self-promotion for his new venture -- during a recent chat with

The year was 1999 and, following what was surely a rewarding acquisition phase, things quickly soured as Weisman's studio was indoctrinated into the Microsoft way of work. "The two reasons [Microsoft] bought us was, one, they wanted the catalog of intellectual properties and, two, they felt that we had developed a really good development culture," Weisman said. "And the reality is that, pretty much from the day we moved to Redmond, that development culture was destroyed."

Lucky for Bungie, a dejected Weisman was still knocking around Microsoft when the Chicago-based studio was being acquired, and, according to Weisman, he became the "lead vocal pain in the ass to get things done very different for Bungie."

"I tried to convince [Microsoft] to leave Bungie in Chicago, but not winning that I did succeed in getting them to put them in a walled off room," Weisman recounted. "We were much better able to defend Bungie's culture than we were FASA's culture."

And so, MechWarrior was sacrificed to secure the foundation for Halo, or something like that ... right? Weisman has already raised $29 million for his new company Smith & Tinker, but we're sure he won't turn away a few more bills pitched his way for his good deeds.
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