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Nokia rumors: Xseries is XpressMusic successor, new Nseries touchphone in '09?

Nokia rumors: Xseries is XpressMusic successor, new Nseries touchphone in '09?
Chris Ziegler
Chris Ziegler|August 26, 2009 3:22 PM
German site NokiaPort has rounded up a nice little cache of juicy Nokia details that it says is culled from "official information from Nokia, confirmed rumors and reputable sources of information," and while we can't personally vouch for most of what we're seeing here, it's all sounding reasonable enough -- and with Nokia World right around the corner, we figured this would be a grand opportunity to lay it out and see how the chips fall. First up, Cseries and Xseries are said to be presented at the show, with the first Xseries model being an upgraded version of the just-launched 5530 XpressMusic with 3G thrown in, probably spelling doom for the 5800 -- in other words, Xseries is very likely a wholesale rebranding of the XpressMusic line, which totally makes sense. Speaking of touchscreens and Nokia branding, the site says that we'll see another touchscreen Nseries model to keep the N97 company before the year's out, followed by Eseries' first S60 5th Edition model in 2010. Coincidentally, they've got a part of a supposed new touch model pictured on the site (see above), though we're not clear on what we're seeing. In the Maemo department, the N900 is likely to be the only Maemo 5 device for the better part of the year, though there's apparently a mysterious N920 already making the rounds in the Espoo campus.

As technologies go, xenon flashes are apparently on the outs with Nokia -- better hang onto your phones, N82 owners -- while capacitive screens should start to take hold. Samsung has already proven that S60 works just fine and dandy with a capacitive display on the i8910, so we're stoked to see where Nokia takes it. Finally, OMAP3 cores are said to be working their way into the lineup following a Cortex A8-based introduction in the N900; Nokia has historically lagged its competition as processing power goes, so it'll be great to see them start to match up with the Pres and the iPhones of the world -- at least as far as raw computational might goes, anyhow.

[Thanks Hermann S., image via Eldar Murtazin]

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