Guildwatch: "ur name is remembered"

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|08.27.09

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Guildwatch: "ur name is remembered"

Boyd of Order of the Oak was tooling around Storm Peaks on the Shadowsong server when he saw a pile of dead rhinos and swooped done to skin them. No sooner did he do that than he noticed a little AFK Mage of Riders of the Apocalypse sitting there, and when the person got back from AFK, as you can see above, they were quite angry. Quite angry indeed. Over two Rhino skins. We wonder whose reputation was hurt worse by this little transaction.

Many more drama stories in this week's Guildwatch, which we apologize is a little bit late thanks to the BlizzCon aftermath here on the site. But worry not -- we've got your drama, your downed, and even your recruiting news. Sorry you didn't get it earlier, but maybe it'll be a little pick-me-up this late in the week. Want to send us a tip? Please do? Email it to!

  • Drunken Alliance on Thunderlord made their own music video, and though it is NSFW, it is also awesome. Color me impressed. They're also recruiting, in case you want to be a background dancer in the next video.
  • Heroes of Warcraft on EU Stormrage sure does try to justify their ninja in this thread -- they have paragraphs and paragraphs about why it was a "tactical choice" to ignore a roll and give an item to one of their guildies. But in the end, a ninja is a ninja -- if you decide to roll, and someone wins, and you give it to someone else, that's a ninja. No amount of explanation and squirming is going to get you out of it.
  • All right, let's see if we can get this story down: Discox is apparently running around on Nathrezim, claiming that he's a big-time raider, formerly a member of Impervious, that's starting up a new guild called Malicious Intent. The only issue? Discox isn't quite being completely honest -- he does have the achievements and he was with Impervious, but only for a week, and they were apparently planning on asking him to leave. Just goes to show you can't trust that anyone's got the skill to go raiding until they actually do.
  • Oavatos is all bent out of shape because people were apparently being promoted up to the rank of Squire just for appearing on Bladefist Crusaders' website, and he's the rank commander for the Squires, and then he made the promotion changes, but then got demoted himself, and... dude, give it a rest. It's ranks in a guild, hardly worth "consulting the Rank Commander" and "meeting the other requirements." Find a new guild and move on. I know you're bummed you got demoted by a girl, but chill. Drama is what happens when people take things too seriously, and trust us, if you're arguing over who deserves your guild's Squire rank and who doesn't, you're taking it too seriously.
  • This is funny -- Instability on Dath'remar decided to hold a Battle of the Sexes in Ulduar. They put together two raids, one of guys and another of girls, and had them race through the bosses to see who could do it faster. The results? The guys won this time, beating the girls' team (which had a guy in it, apparently) by over an hour. But don't count those ladies out -- we'd love to see even more of these kinds of fun competitions.
  • Here's a weird little story from a guild on EU Emerald Dream. They had a guy join their guild and ask for lots of boosts and help on the way up to 80 -- they just figured he was really excited about trying to get there. But of course, once hit dinged 80, he split right away. Not cool, they thought, but they shrugged him off as a jerk. Apparently it turned out to be harder to find a guild than he thought, however, because he was soon back and asking back in. Wisely, they declined. Do these guys just think you won't remember them?
  • What kinds of ninjas actually bump their own ninja thread? Falah from Devastation, and Mortismortis from Weekends Only on Whisperwind, apparently. I like that not only are people calling for the guilds to respond, but that even Horde appears in the threat promising to put a target on their heads. That's what I call PvP!
  • Finally, this isn't really guild drama, so we'll really only link to it. But man, when the Arena players are out for blood, they really go nuts. There was a scuffle on the Arena Junkies forums, apparently, so a Paladin who'd put in six months of playing on an Arena team got kicked out. And he flew off the handle then, too -- he threatened to call a lawyer, the guy who originally kicked him started making fun of him on YouTube, and the whole thing exploded into a great big drama fireball. We don't see Arena drama nearly as often as guild drama, but man, when it rears its ugly head, it is really ugly.
  • Corruption of Feathermoon finished off Thorim and Mimiron, one-shotting the latter. General Vezax went down soon after, and Yoggy's on notice. They're also recruiting Moonkins, SPriests, Elemental Shamans, and Mages -- they keep raids upbeat and fun while being one of the server's top raiding guilds.
  • Paradox on EU Agamaggan has been around less than a month, and yet they've gone 10/14 in 10-man Ulduar already. They're also recruiting: healers and caster DPS welcome for starting 25-mans.
  • Quarter To Midnight on EU Bloodhoof-A continue to work their way through Ulduar content up to Ignis and XT with their casual 11-man raid team. A few weeks ago, they even nabbed the "Champions of the Frozen Wastes" titles. Nice job.
  • Solaris of Alonsus is only a little over a month old, but in the first three nights of 10-man Ulduar downed Yoggy and a month after that, cleared out Yoggy 25. Algalon is on notice, and they're 9th place in the realm. Grats!
  • Unleashed Chaos' (server?) 10-man progression group has successfully downed Vezax. They're a casual raiding guild, who are now very happy to be up near some of the more well-known guilds on the realm.
  • Aphrodites on Whisperwind-A finished off Freya and then one-shotted Mimiron after beating their heads up against him for a number of weeks. Vezax dropped much faster -- they finished him off the first night. Yogg's on notice.
  • Meliora of Maelstrom had their first Yogg killing a little while back. It was on their third attempt of the night, and it was close: they killed him within four seconds of the enrage.
  • Crucial of Exodar has killed Yogg on 10-man. Took them six weeks to kill that slimy brainy bastard. but they were able to finish him before 3.2 and have a screenshot to prove it.
  • Balance of Judgement (EU Darkmoon Faire-A) downed Hodir in 10-man on their third evening of trying. Freya is up next.
  • Face on Fire on Bloodscalp has been rocking lately -- they took down Yogg in 10-man and are up to Vezax on 25-man. They're working through Trial of the Crusader as well. Nice job!
  • Roll For Blame on Maelstrom-A is taking Ulduar 10 by storm -- they've downed everything up to General, and are apparently amped to move on to Trial. They're recruiting as well -- T7.5+ geared raiders for 10 and 25-man raiding should come say hi.
  • I'm An Apple Pie, a small-ish AU/NZ guild on Blackrock, has beaten down Yogg in 25-man Ulduar after a lot of swearing at various clouds. And for an encore, they defeated the Beasts of Northrend in the 25-man Trial of the Champion. Grats!
  • Dragonsbane on EU Dragonsblight-A is a social raiding guild that's been running for over four years now. On the day it came out, they toppled 25-man Beasts of Northrend in ToC. Ulduar 10 and 25 are also being run, and they're also recruiting for ideally mature and sociable players.
  • Knights of the Shadows on Kalecgos-A have downed all of the Keepers in 25-man Ulduar and the General as well. Yogg's days are numbered -- they've finished him off in 10-man, and will take him down fast in 25, if they haven't already.
  • Sociopath on Smolderthorn just downed Yogg-Saron on 25-man. Now to start working on hard modes!
  • The Jolly Rogers on Korgath downed Ignis, Thorim, and Hodir. Rest of the keepers are on notice.
  • of Silver Hand downed Yogg Saron for the first time in 25-man, taking them to seventh place on the server. They also finished off the first stage of ToC. Grats!
  • Raven, a Horde side guild on the Dalaran server finally downed Yogg Saron in 10-man Ulduar after working on him for a month! They've also been rolling in ToC, and they're recruiting a backup healer for the progression team, preferably a Paladin, Shaman, or Priest. A backup tank, they say, wouldn't hurt either!
  • Unforgiving, a guild on Misha-H, recently downed Naxx 10 before the raid lockouts were implemented. They're a merger of three seperate casual guilds who all ran Heroics together and decided to merge up to start raiding. Just two months later, they've made some great progression, and are working towards Malygos.
  • Maru and Lornthas on EU Turalyon are running PuG runs of all pre-Ulduar 25-mans. They guarantee fun, and say loot is shared fairly by the group. If you want to raid but don't want the other hassles (or, let's be honest, benefits) of a guild, they're your guys.
  • Per Unitatem Vis is a Horde guild on Mannoroth. They are a laid back, friendly guild with a diverse player base that's 12/14 in Ulduar 10 and currently looking for some good players to help fill out the Ulduar 25 roster and prepare for the Crusaders' Coliseum. All classes and specs are welcome to apply.
  • The Forgotten Warlords, A-Draka, is looking for a few good men and women to fill out their raiding numbers. They are currently 7/14 in 10-man Ulduar and are looking to start a 25-man group as well. They raid Sunday/Wednesday from 7:45 server to 10:30 pm server, and Saturday 6:45 server to 11:30 server. They are generally recruiting caster and ranged DPS, a few tanks/heals, and they really want a Warlock, we're told. They will accept server transfers, but please, apply first.
  • Wayward Souls on Emerald Dream-H is a military-based guild recruiting for a few more members. They'll do whatever you're up to -- they're open to all classes/races/levels, and welcome all play styles. Please be 18 or older (or at least mature enough to be that age), and have respect for your fellow guildies.
  • Six Pack is an Aussie based guild on Blackrock-A that has opened recruitment for 25-man Ulduar and the Colosseum. Raid days are Wed, Thu, Sun and Mon nights, and they're currently at 13/14 with several hard modes on 25-man, as well as up to Algalon on 10-man. Recruitment is aimed at DPS and a couple of Healers, with good attendance and attitude prized above all else.
  • The Crew on Blade's Edge is a social/casual raiding guild that's recruiting. They need to expand to continue 25-man Naxx and Ulduar progression, starting at 9 server (midnight on the East Coast). All classes welcome. Mature folks who are great people and good players will be welcomed.
  • Blood of Tyrants on Thrall-H is an adult, casual, social guild of current and former Military members who enjoy all aspects of the game. They are recruiting mature players of all levels and classes, military affiliation is not required. If you are in the military, or are familiar with the types of schedules they have, and can deal with playing alongside a bunch of them, then you have found a home in this game. They haven't started raiding yet, but if they can get some ranged DPS and some healers, then they're in.
  • Knights of Midnight, a 10-man raiding guild on EU Dragonblight-H, is looking for more members to fill their roster in order to run raids on a competitive basis. Like achievements, community and raiding? Check them out.
  • Supercool Discotheque of EU Burning Steppes-H is a newly formed casual raiding guild, founded by ex-Alliance Burning Crusade raiders no longer able to commit to the hardcore lifestyle due to RL. They do want to do some progression raiding, though, in 10 and 25 twice a week. Most classes welcome, any and all applications will be considered. Even if you don't have raiding experience, look them up.
  • After Midnight on Uldaman-A is currently looking for experienced and mature raiders for 25-man Ulduar and Crusader's Coliseum. They're working on Yogg, hard modes and continuing CC as new bosses are released. They're mostly adult students, parents, and busy professionals, so they don't waste time. They are semi-hardcore -- they focus during raidtime, but socialize on off hours as well. Enhance Shamans, Ret Pallys, Shadow Priests, and Holy/Disc Priests are all sought.
  • Shadow Templars on the Deathwing-H server got mentioned here a while back for dealing with a racist guild application, but they're also recruiting, looking for all classes, and particularly a Warlock and a Resto Druid. They're currently 13/14 with 5/9 hard modes, and they raid four nights a week Monday through Thursday.
That's it for GW this week. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!
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