NCsoft announces Aion NA and EU open beta details

There have been rumblings for weeks about an open beta for Aion, NCsoft's latest MMO and the company has finally confirmed details about what we can expect. North American and European gamers who may not have gotten access to the Closed Beta Tests will get an opportunity to sample Aion, exploring the beautiful world of Atreia as either an Asmodian or Elyos. The beta will take place between September 6th – 13th and will include the new Westernised character customization options, as well as a chance to see The Shadow of Balaur, the newest patch which was added to the Korean version of the game in August.

As with the final CBTs, the open beta will have a level cap of 30, which means new players to the game can experience ascension to Daevahood as well as the PvPvE area known as the Abyss. Gamers who pre-ordered Aion will also get access to the pre-select and a two-day headstart before the game officially launches on September 22nd in the US and the 25th in Europe. The pre-select will take place on September 18, while Aion's headstart period will begin September 20. So if you want to take part, it might be wise to pre-order now, especially given the new Guild Wars cross promotion we told you about earlier in the week.