Devs spill the beans on LEGO Universe

Lesley Smith
L. Smith|08.28.09

Sponsored Links's GeekDad blogger Curtis Silver has taken some time to sit down with LEGO Universe's Producer, Ryan Seabury, and the games development team. The lengthy interview was posted earlier this week and really gets under the skin of this odd little MMO. Silver also snagged two new exclusive screenshots and states that "LEGO Universe will bridge the generational gap between geek parents and geek kids". After all, who doesn't love LEGO?

The interview itself is really quite in-depth. Silver asks, for example, if we will be able to play as Batman or other characters from the LEGO franchise videogames (no). Additionally, the piece also goes into what kind of gameplay and building we can expect and what sort of PC you're going to need to play it. The dev team seem to be aiming at a wide audience from geeks young and old to kids experiencing LEGO for the first and their parents. Indeed from the interview it certainly sounds awfully promising:

"Whether you're brand-new to LEGO construction or an expert brick builder, whether you like to follow the instructions or just go crazy making up your own creations, you'll be able to use bricks to build virtual LEGO models both on your own and with other players. You'll be helping to create and customize the worlds of LEGO Universe as you play. You'll be able to chat, team up for quests, build amazing LEGO creations together, and choose whether to cooperate or compete as you complete fun and creative challenges ... or adventure and build all on your own if that's your thing. How you play in LEGO Universe is up to you."

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