e-Detail's dual-screen Prezenter gets Atom upgrade, becomes Averatec PT1400

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Last we saw e-Detail's dual-screen Prezenter tablet it packed an underpowered AMD Geode processor, a hefty $1,800 price tag, and no US release date to speak of. While it's been well over a year now, it looks like most of those have now changed for the better, with the device apparently finding a new distributor and a few new upgrades. Now branded as the Averatec PT-1400 "Prezenter," the device packs the same dual 14-inch and 7-inch touchscreens as before, but gets a more powerful Atom Z520 processor (upgradeable to a Z540), along with an 80GB hard drive (or optional SSD), 1GB of RAM, and 802.11n WiFi, among other standard specs. Unfortunately, there's no word on a price just yet, but it will apparently go on sale in North America, Japan and Korea sometime this month, and be available in your choice of black or white. A slightly smaller 12-inch version is also apparently set to follow at a later, unspecified date.
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