World's dumbest crooks: the saga continues

Mel Martin
M. Martin|09.01.09

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World's dumbest crooks: the saga continues
Yesterday we told you about some crooks that broke into a house and made off with a couple of Macs and a PC. We recounted how the victim used his replacement MacBook Pro to screen share with the stolen device, and even watch as someone filled out an online form to find a job, displaying an address, social security number and phone number.

Well, the crooks are still at it, and seemingly oblivious to the consequences. Last night, I heard from 'Jim' the victim, and he said he was connected again to his laptop, but no one appeared to be home. He saw an unfamiliar jpeg image on the desktop, and you guessed it, the alleged perp had proudly taken a picture of himself with the built in iSight camera. 'Jim' grabbed the pic, and has now forwarded it to his local police department.

It's kind of amazing that the crooks would know enough to grab a pic from the camera, but not realize they have left the Mac wide open to the features of Back to My Mac.

Hopefully, the police will get in gear, and rescue the stolen computers, and grab the perps. Meanwhile, 'Jim' is cautiously considering getting back into his Mac and erasing any files with personal info on them. He just doesn't want to get caught and spook the thieves.

We'll keep you posted.
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