Guildwatch: Into the Coliseum

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|09.02.09

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Guildwatch: Into the Coliseum

Word from the Argent Tournament front is that the Coliseum is being crushed -- we're getting lots of news here in GW that bosses are being downed, and with the last boss in this week, world firsts are happening already. Of course, for us, a down is a down, so we're happy to report on any kills, whether they be in Naxx, Ulduar, or the ToC. But from what we've heard, there's quite a few raiding groups out there that have trounced what the Argent Tournament has thrown at them, so we guess we'll just have to wait and see what challenges there are to come.

Meanwhile, you can find this week's drama, downed, and recruiting news all after the break. Have a tip for us? Please do send us an email at, and you just might see it here next week. Thanks! Hit "Read More" for, well, more.

  • Knights Templar on Boulderfist sends congrats to their GM, Eruamandil, on his marriage. They picked him up some nice in-game items, and his new wife apparently got her own six-month subscription to the game, courtesy of a group of guildies. Why do all this for a GM? The family that raids together, they say, stays together. Their guildies wish the lucky couple a long and blessed marriage, and we do too.
  • Scarred of NC Gaming on Scarlet Crusade apparently got passed a stack of shards accidentally, and then just decided to walk away with the bunch. And apparently he's actually the GM of the guild, which made it look all the better when he was selling off the crystals in Trade Chat later that evening. He also shows up in the thread later on, but finally thought better of it and deleted most of his posts, so you've got to catch them in quotes if you want to hear what he has to say.
  • Coup D Etat on Duskwood came to a rocky end a few weeks ago, we hear -- the GM and his girlfriend were suffering from losses for a few months already, with raiders ditching the guild for greener pastures. Finally, a few weeks ago, they finally kicked the remaining members, leaving only their alts in the guild and everybody else left out to dry. That's fine, you say, so the GM wanted to keep the guild for himself. We agree, it's fine -- unless you keep the bank tabs full of stuff donated by other players. Not quite so cool. It could be that the GM just forgot, or it could be that he's pulling one of those "it's my guild, so it's my bank" deals. We hate those deals.
  • Korron, formerly of Revelation of Gnomeregan went on a run with a bunch of guildies to Tempest Keep for a little old-expansion fun. Ashes of Al'ar dropped, and someone in the guild rolled a Greed of 100, but that didn't sit right with Korron: he needed the roll, took the mount, quit the raid, /gquit, name changed, and server transfered with haste, putting the entire raid and guild on ignore. They say they have no idea where he went, but wow -- would you abandon your entire WoW life just for an old school rare mount? Maybe there was something else going on there.
  • Honorable Ascent on Zul'jin called it quits the other day. Our tipster tells us that the guild was rocked by two different factions -- things started out as just disagreements, but being that there were some real-life relations in the guild, things got ugly and the guild got pushed to the breaking point. Guildies have ended up in three different guilds, we hear: Udder Perfection claimed about 1/3 of the guild, Para Bellum picked up a few folks, and Yogg is my Dealer is a new guild created by a bunch of folks from HA. So it seems like things turned out all right, but our tipster says that lots of the former guildies didn't like switching guild tags -- too bad the drama had to rear its ugly head.
  • Korugar is quite angry at Horde Smash Good on Dath'remar -- he was away from the game for a little while, and came back to find himself /gkicked. Why was he away? He was apparently in hospital -- talk about /gkicking a man when he's down. There was an argument in the guild while he was out, and while he says he wasn't a part of that argument, but the GM and he had mixed it up earlier, so apparently when the GM decided to clean house, he got the boot, never mind that he was sick in bed. Our take? You're better off without them, buddy. If you were raiding with them, join another raiding guild, and move on.
  • Finally, AoE Donkey Bombers (who also appear in our recruiting section below) had their name changed recently after someone reported them, and the reporter happened to appear in their recruiting thread. Guy is kind of a tool, though the good news is that apparently they're now known as Donkey Bombers, which isn't too bad (unless they were really attached to the AoE, we're not sure -- they do say they had a website all made for the old name). Does the AoE really affect your RP that much, though? It's not like people walk around in "real life" with guild tags above their heads anyway. If they were called "Inglorious Basterds," sure, that'd cross a line, but "AoE"? Use your RP skills and deal.
  • Vinata Eilifur on Shadowsong-H has had a great few days of raiding recently -- they finished off the Northrend beasts and picked up the server second of "Not One but Two Jormungars." Over in Ulduar, they've also downed Mimiron, and then two-shotted Vezax. Yoggy's in phase 2 so far, and he's on notice.
  • Peaceful Annihilation on my old server Thunderhorn, finished off Gormok while still in Tier 7/Naxx gear. They wiped immediately on the Jormungars, but we'll put them on notice for next time.
  • Dead but Dreaming (Haomarush-A) downed The Northrend Beasts and Lord Jaraxxus a little while back. They even sent videos (in HD!) or it didn't happen. Congrats!
  • No Brew Left Behind on Dalaran cleared out Naxx yet again the other week. They want us to make them famous, and we're happy to post them here, but guys, if you really want to be famous, you've got to break up in some explosive and crazy way. That'll get you into Drama, and that's what everybody reads, right? Kidding -- grats anyway.
  • We don't usually print stuff like this (this column is long enough as it is -- did you know it takes me like four hours to put this together?), but we couldn't pass up this poem by Unpossible of Zul'jin, about their action in Ulduar so far:
    "We made it into Ulduar; Flame Leviathan is dead
    And the drake's no longer Veranus; it's Razorscale instead.
    Ignis fell down pretty quick; we didn't make his day
    XT-002's in pieces now; he doesn't bend that way.

    Iron Council's set to rust; they dropped some caster gloves.
    And Kologarn is living in the OBLIVION he loves.
    Auriaya's caused alot of wipes, indeed that much is true
    But once you get past all the Fears, it's "B****, STFU."

    We're recognized by Hodir now, he throws no Frozen Blows
    And Freya's loved by herbalists for the Frost Lotus she grows.
    Thorim -- yes, we get it -- in the mountains, you remember!
    At least Mimiron doesn't hold a grudge from when we went to dismember.

    Vesax, well . . . despite our mana, you're an ugly looking corpse.
    And Yogg-Saron is just a matter of time you know, of course.
    Algalon can see us coming, we'll send him to the moon
    'Cause Ulduar is nearly beat -- we'll be farming that place soon."
  • Mojo Madness of Vashj downed Algalon 10. Way to go.
  • Business Casual of Dunemaul dropped Algalon like he was hot. See what I did there?
  • The Dedicated Few, a Horde guild on Suramar, downed Northrend beasts last month in 10-man.
  • The Order of the Rose on Silver Hand downed Yogg-Saron last month (that's their screenshot above), completing their 10-man Ulduar experience. They've also cleared out the Trial of the Crusader raid as well, at least up until yesterday's boss.
  • Months Behind, an Alliance raiding guild on Mug'thol, says they've achieved another Alliance first: Heroic Vezax hard mode. They've alos put a Val'anyr together. Way to go! They're recruiting as well: all ranged DPS, especially Warlocks, and a few Holy Paladins also.
  • Zenith on the EU Alonsus server sent a TLDR email, but I'll put them in here anyway: they downed Mimiron and Vezax the other week, as well as some bosses in the ToC. Congrats! Yoggy's on notice, and next time, just send the facts, please.
  • Unforgiven II of EU Twilight's Hammer downed both Yogg 25 and OS+3D 25 for the first time a couple weeks ago. It was Furyk's birthday, too -- so that's a nice bonus to have jumping out of the cake.
  • Nemesis of Shadows on Perenolde downed Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, XT-002 Deconstructor, and Kologarn on their very first 10-man Ulduar run. The crazy cat lady is on notice for next time.
  • Virtual Insanity of Alexstrasza has just gone on their first 10-man raids, clearing out Naxx in about four hours, and then taking down Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, and XT-002 in their first time in Ulduar. Kologarn's on notice for them, though we bet he's dead already.
  • Balãnce on Haomarush downed Yogg-Saron 10-man and earned the Drive Me Crazy achievment as well, for a full clear of Ulduar (minus Algalon, who we'll put on notice). Pictures of the clear are right here on a profile.
  • Nessa And Friends of Barthilas recently downed Vezax in Ulduar 10 after months of blood, sweat and tears. Yogg-Saron up next.
  • Hypocracy, an Alliance guild on Aerie Peak, was running 10-man Naxx with 9 players a little while back, when they racked up the achievements: The Undying, as well as The Safety Dance, Make Quick Werk of Him and Shocking!. Nice job.
  • Ministry of Silly Walks on Amam'Thul-A, a fairly casual guild, have successfully downed Auriaya 10-man, marking the furthest they've gone into Ulduar. Following this, they tried Trial of the Crusader, and reached Icehowl. He's on notice for next time.
  • Offtime of Terenas downed Yogg 25-man last week to snag the second Val'anyr on the server! Coliseum has also been rocked so far. They're also recruiting: skilled, knowledgeable, mature players for the raiding roster. They're especially looking for DPS and heals, though Druid and DK tanks are welcome too.
  • Rowsdower Power and friend of a friend on The Scryers downed Yogg-Saron10 for the first time and picked up the Drive Me Crazy achievement along the way! Very nice job, teamwork for the win!
  • Wish You Were Geared (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award, but only if it really is a reference to Pink Floyd) of Icecrown is recruiting for 10- and 25-man content. They have gone all the way up to the top on 10-man, but they need a few more people to run Ulduar and Coliseum 25.
  • AoE Donkey Bombers on Earthen Ring is a new progression-oriented raiding guild looking to expand and form a second 10-man team. They are presently clearing bosses in the 10-man Coliseum and working on the second phase of Yogg in Ulduar. They're looking to attract mature gamers who want to make the most of their raiding time. Learn more and apply on the website.
  • Genesis on EU Shadowsong-A is looking for all classes (and specifically tanks) to fill in the open spots in their 25-man raids. Ulduar progression is 12/14 so far in 25-man and 13/14 in 10-man. They are a mature, friendly and tight knit progression guild, so if you regard yourself as a dependable and serious player, please visit their site.
  • Glory of War on Lightning's Blade is recruiting most classes and are always willing to recruit a good player regardless of class. They think of themselves as a "Progressive Casual Raiding" guild, striving to down bosses in a limited time frame, They're friendly, low drama and have been around since March 2005. Send an application in if interested. Players seeking raider status should be in Naxx 25 or better gear for sakes of progression.
  • Reverb is an established 25-man raiding guild on Anvilmar. They're seeking players of all classes and specs to beef up the raiding numbers. Currently, they're in 25-man Uld, ToC and VoA, and they're serious about raid progression, but also like to just have fun and realize that it's all just a game.
  • ISCA Alliance of Whisperwind is looking for casual raiders of all classes and levels.
  • Unwánted on Duskwood-A is recruiting Holy Priests and Resto Druids, but all classes and specs will be considered. They're new to the server, but they have known each other for almost two years. They say that they're offering punch and pie as well, so if you don't get it, blame them.
  • Brain Damage on Sargeras-A is currently recruiting. They're a newer guild comprised of good friends from a variety of high-end raiding guilds that wanted to raid together. They're seeking the following classes to progress through ToC 25 and Ulduar hard modes with them: Arms Warrior, Ret Pally, Priests of any kind and a DPS Shaman. Exceptional applicants of other specs/classes are encouraged as well, and server transfers welcome and encouraged, but don't bother applying if you have flaky attendance or an inability to focus during raid.
  • Concedo Nulli is currently recruiting experienced and geared raiders for their friendly late-night 25-man raids on Khadgar-A. They currently have a high desire for Mages, Warlocks, Priests, and DPS Death Knights. They are currently working on Yogg (10-man), have downed Flame Leviathan +3 Towers (10-man), have 19-manned the Siege of Ulduar (25-man), and have been working on the Trial of the Crusader (10-man). Visit their website to apply.
That's it for this week's GW. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!
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