Nokia N900 now up for $649 preorder in the US of A

Nokia fans know the drill -- if you happen to live in the vicinity of the New York or Chicago flagship stores, you're almost certainly better off holding out and camping in front of the store as the launch date draws near -- but now that they're being taken, the rest of the States might strongly consider filing an preorder with Nokia USA's official online store if they want an N900 as soon as humanly possible. That's a good deal less than the US equivalent of $860 currently being asked by the company's German and Italian outposts, so we guess we should be thankful -- provided, of course, that the US launch isn't delayed into oblivion by some combination of T-Mobile drama, firmware issues, distribution problems, or swarms of locusts destroying trucks as they attempt to make deliveries. A pessimistic way to look at it, yes, but remember: a pessimist is never disappointed.

[Via Cell Phone Signal]