BlackBerry Desktop Manager beta for Mac leaks out

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|09.04.09

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager beta for Mac leaks out
Let's be honest: BlackBerry users with Macs have led a pretty rough life. You've historically been afterthoughts in RIM's eyes, offered table scraps of first-party software that you usually end up having to combine with third-party stuff to do what you need to do -- and let's not even talk about firmware upgrades. Fortunately, RIM's finally decided to go all-in for Mac, bringing a proper Desktop Manager suite to the platform this month -- but we're not exactly the patient types around here, and we know many of you aren't either, so you might want to go ahead and grab the copy that's leaked recently. It's not a gold release, but with impatience usually comes early adoption and with early adoption usually comes painful bugs, so it's nothing you shouldn't already be used to.
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