Guildwatch: It was my friend

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|09.09.09

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Guildwatch: It was my friend

Of course the issue is supposed to be fixed now, but after getting booted off their mains in Ulduar, Dark Haven on Baelgun had had enough, and made a dancing line of cows to display their displeasure. Pretty funny.

Lots more guild shenigans in this week's Guildwatch as usual, including some drama (both good and bad), some downed news, and some recruiting posts. Tune in after the break below to see what's going on around the servers. And if you have a tip, from your guild or something you saw on the forums, send it along to us at Thanks!

  • Decadence on EU Saurfang-H recently disbanded -- we hear the guildmistress and her boyfriend officer tearfully explained that they were transferring off the server, and that their studies would leave them unable to keep the guild going. Strangely, though, they took the guild bank with them. Maybe they needed it for their "studies," no? Where were they transferring? Terrokar, where they were actually setting up a new guild called Reflera. Classy move. Our tipster hopes the new guild won't be impacting their ongoing "studies."
  • Guild manager Ceraphym and (recently retired) raidleader Mavetabir of Reprieve on Silvermoon are now engaged, we hear! Their meeting story is pretty good, too: he was leveling five Shamans through multiboxing, and she'd rolled a Shammy alt to play with a friend on Silvermoon. She noticed him at first, but they didn't start talking until she saw him at 40ish in Ironforge. After that, they became inseparable, we hear -- playing all day long together, and the bride-to-be says it's pretty much been like that ever since. She was so bowled over by the guy that she farmed for three days to make him five different pieces of leg armor at 70. Now that is love! Congrats to the happy couple.
  • Senseless Violence (Velen-H) is celebrating their one year anniversary next week. You can find a short history of the guild on their website. For the party, they're going to do an "all-you-can-achieve" old school raiding night, starting with ZG and rolling all the way up to Sunwell. Sounds like fun to us.
  • Did you hear that Premonition of Sen'jin is heading to Exodar? We did -- a guy at BlizzCon told another guy at BlizzCon and then he told us, but not before talking to a few guys at PAX who mentioned it to their buddies at Dragon*Con last weekend. Oh wait, what? Xav of Premonition actually says that they're not? Oh. Umm... never mind then. Apparently Caveat was disbanded, and one of their members wanted to start some nonsense about his former guildleader.
  • WTB Salvs on Fenris has a recruitment thread that's going along pretty smoothly... until they claim that they've gotten the world first on 25-man Twins in ToC. Apparently they extended their raid lockout so they could skip past the bosses they'd already downed and take down the normal mode Twins first (in the world, they claim, supposedly backed up by a listing on WoW Progress. But no one else in the thread is having it, and when they decide to hold fast to their kill, then the back-and-forth gets good.
  • This one is a classic: Viperxzoy just wants to join a good guild over on Lothar, and he starts a thread to do just that. But wait -- someone recognizes his name, and claims he's the exact same guy (same name and all) who disbanded a guild, and even went so far as to post the video on YouTube. Unfortunately, he's had a change of heart on the video (after the link showed up in the thread) and pulled it off of there, but he also gives the "it wasn't me it was my friend I didn't know it was on YouTube I didn't even know forums existed" excuse, which no one believes. Moral of the story: if you're going to be a complete idiot and then try to get recruited into a guild, at least change your name. Come on, people!
  • So you like reading about gossip on EU Azjol-Nerub, but you don't really want to go to any site besides Twitter? Your wish is granted -- an entire twitter account, all dedicated to guild gossip on one server. Color us impressed. I wish I had one for my server.
  • Finally, from our very own Matthew Rossi comes this gem of a guild application. When someone applies to Out of Combat on Norgannon and gets rejected, they open up a can of cut-and-paste trolling -- yes, sorry to break the illusion, but Teepz didn't actually write all of that trolling, it's just copied from other various conversations and threads around the Internet (even the "lion" thing, unfortunately). Still, I'm pretty sure the actual lion picture is new to that thread. And it's worth the read for sure.
  • Dawn Vigil on Feathermoon-H has achieved Firefighter in 10-man mode, thus completing Glory of the Hero. They are now hard at work on Algalon, so he's on notice for next time.
  • Last Watch on EU Turalyon nabbed the server first of Algalon, and they sent video or it didn't happen.
  • I N V I C T U S on Deathwing became the third guild on the server to open up Algalon the other day. They're taking down hard-mode Vezax as well, but Algalon is the big fish -- he's on notice.
  • Gileads Blood of Bonechewer has deactivated the titan Mimiron in 10-man Ulduar after three hard months of work. Congrats!
  • Mojo Madness of EU Vashj downed Algalon 10, and grabbed a realm first of Firefighter 25. Woots for that one.
  • Forged Alliance over on The Scryers server downed Yogg-Saron for the first time the other night. Admittedly, they say, it was normal mode in 10-man Ulduar, but a down is a down. They even finished off the Iron Council hard mode for the first time too. Grats!
  • Apex has successfully downed Hodir's Hard Mode which puts them at three hard modes in 25-man. 10-man is all done, Rusted Proto-drakes gotten, though they're still working on Algalon. ToC is all done in both 10 and 25-man, we're told.
  • Balance of Judgement (EU Darkmoon Faire-A) has downed Hodir, Freya and Thorim in Ulduar. They went for Mimiron but didn't get him, so they're pushing the raid deadline back, and we'll put him on notice for next time.
  • Uden Lo on Azjol-Nerub-H is a social guild who raids whenever they can get a team together, and they finally broke into the Antechamber of Ulduar 10 by putting XT-002 to bed. Kologarn was downed as well. Grats!
  • We Know Stuff and Grog N Tar (Hellscream-H) teamed up to defeat the 10-man Faction Champions. Way to go.
  • Ragnarok on Gundrak, a pure 10-man guild, downed Mimiron on hard mode. They sent a (NSFW) victory video to prove it. They sound excited.
  • Dark Prophecy of Korialstrasz is a raiding guild that's been around since Burning Crusade, and is now on Yoggy 10-man, as well as up to Hodir on 25-man. They've also cleared out most of 10-man ToC, and are recruiting: serious DPS and healers to fill out a 25-man raid. See them ingame for more info.
  • Shiny on Perenolde-A is leading the server in 10-man progression ratings: they've dropped ToC, are rolling Ulduar hard modes, and have Yogg-Saron on notice.
  • Reborn on EU Doomhammer bumped their heads up against Yoggy for a little while, but they finally downed him after a long evening of wipes the other week. Congrats!
  • Undisputed on Thunderhorn-A is a combination of a few different previous guilds, but they're now all together and planning on putting up some progression -- Ulduar hard modes are falling in 25-man, and ToC 25 is going down as well. Vezax hard mode is on notice, if they haven't cleared it out yet.
  • The Disciples of EU Blade's Edge started raiding 10-man Ulduar and managed to take down Flame Leviathan and XT-002 without a single wipe. Ignis is on notice for next time.
  • Pure from EU Turalyon has successfully cleared Ulduar 10 in their first week of raiding it. Hard modes are being cleared out as well -- they're up to XT so far.
  • The Rosuto Samurai on Whisperwind is recruiting additional players for the 10-man raiding team. Currently they're 9/14 in Ulduar and starting on Coliseum. They're seeking casual raiders who are interested in no-pressure, intelligent raiding two to three nights a week. Mostly focused on recruiting healers at this point, but all classes are welcome.
  • Brabus on Burning Blade are recruiting. They are a social raiding guild that's nearly all cleared on 10-man, and looking to step up to clear 25-man Naxx and Ulduar. All classes are welcome but they have a real need for Warlocks and Priests who are friendly mature players. They raid three times a week minimum, and often organize special fun and achievement runs.
  • Dream Chaser is a relatively new Horde guild on Dark Iron that's recruiting. They're a casual raiding guild that wants to start raiding without having to pug out a few spots each time. So far they have only done Naxx, VoA, and OS (all 10 man), but they're aiming to do a lot more with more people. Anyone interested in a casual raiding guild, actual vent chatter, and wants to be more than just an interchangeable raid slot can check out the guild.
  • Fatal on Spinebreaker-H is recruiting decent to well-geared, active players to attempt to fill out their 25-man raiding parties. They are looking for mature but not necessarily adult players who won't make a guest appearance with the Drama Mamas. Multiple Naxx farming runs are done for lesser geared members, and just about everyone is down to run a Heroic to help others boost their gear. Ventrilo is a must as this guild is as much about being social as it is about raiding. Apply at the website or go find them in game.
  • Warcraft Hunters Union on Icecrown-A is recruiting two members for their 10-man raid group. Raids are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm server, and they're looking for a tank and a DPS class, ideally DK tank and Warlock DPS. Check out the website for more deets.
  • Hand of Zakarum (Wyrmrest Accord) is recruiting. They're looking for semi-serious raiders for endgame content. Currently it's 10-man Ulduar/10-man ToC, but they run something pretty much every night of the week for our serious raiders. If you're seeking a laid back, fun group to hang with that's trying to get into more 25-man raids, stop by the website and apply!
  • Magic is a European Alliance reroll guild waiting for a new server. They are looking for more dedicated raiders who want a fresh start. They aim to have open communication between leaders and members and to raid 3-6 times per week. While waiting they are participating in and arranging several ingame events as well as playing on the PTR when it's available.
  • Optimum is a raiding guild on EU Hellfire-A that's looking for all classes and specs. They're starting up with 10-mans, but if the interest is there, they'll head into 25-mans as well. It's run by two brothers from the UK, and they're planning three raids a week -- look them up on their website if interested.
  • Ice of EU Nordrassil is a casual raiding guild that focuses on 10-man content. They are looking for two tanks and two healers (a Resto Shammy would be especially welcome) to augment their group of regular raiders. Ranged DPS is also welcome to apply. Their attitude towards raiding is fun and relaxed, getting them to 10/14 in Ulduar-10. Nice, friendly and (mostly) mature interested folks are welcome to apply
    on their webpage. (Ed: Also Ice wins the Editor's Award of the week -- I didn't have to change their writeup at all!)
  • The Vogmor Corporation on EU Darkspear-H are recruiting to help continue raiding. They're a casual raiding guild but need the extra quality players to recuperate the losses from summertime. They are almost done with Ulduar 10 and 25, and have all new bosses in ToC 10 down (so far). Look them up ingame if interested.
  • Stonewall Sentinels on Proudmoore-A is recruiting raiders for their 25-man progression team. They're seeking geared (2200+) and experienced players for a GLBT-friendly endgame raiding guild. They're looking to fill a variety of classes (DPS 3k minimum) with players who can have fun while being on top of their game. So if you're looking for a serious, but fun progression-oriented raiding team, look them up.
That's it for this week's GW. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!
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