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Runco shows up at CEDIA with loads of projectors and flat screen in tow

Runco shows up at CEDIA with loads of projectors and flat screen in tow
Richard Lawler
Richard Lawler|@Rjcc|September 11, 2009 12:32 PM

Following CEDIA tradition, Runco (oh yes, they were actually here) had plenty to show off, with new projectors and LCDs, apparently enough that we needed two separate rooms for the press conference. We switched rooms to experience the company's new QuantumColor LED-lit Q-750i, combining Luminus Platlight technology with its own engineering to create what it says is unsurpassed performance and unrivaled customization. Its showcased a few new color management wrinkles, customers can have a shot at making green grass pop without skewing other elements starting in November for around $15k. The company also had in store new Crystal Portfolio LCDs, some featuring its OPAL technology for outdoor situations, and a new round of LightStyle series projectors, for the kind of folks who only want to spend five or seven grand on a PJ, while the VideoXtreme line falls somewhere between that and the $100k+ crowd. Also mentioned? The company plans to keep selling its plasmas, even though a certain someone (cough, Pio) has exited the market. Peep the read links for all the details and jaw dropping prices.

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