Yamaha shows off its RX-V2065 network AV receiver

Steven Kim
S. Kim|09.11.09

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Yamaha shows off its RX-V2065 network AV receiver
Yamaha RX-V2065 receiver
Yamaha has introduced a new top-end RX-V2065 model to its RX-V65 receiver line. Connecting the receiver to both the home network and the internet at-large is coming on strong, and the RX-V2065 definitely got the memo. Starting with the basics, the RX-V2065 is a 7x130-Watt receiver featuring Yamaha's ToP-ART amp design with a 5/2 HDMI in/out complement. Yammy then adds its home-cooked assortment of DSP modes, packing 17 flavors of sonic manipulation into the new receiver. Networking is where this model really sets itself apart from the similar RX-V1900 model, though, with the ability to pluck streams from Rhapsody, internet radio, DLNA, and files around your home network. Heck, even sneakernet is supported courtesy a USB port up front. To be sure, there's a lot more acronyms and add-on accessories for this unit that the custom installer crowd at CEDIA can use to round out their sales pitches (and to help bring up the margins on this $1,400 AVR), but we'll leave that for you to decipher by hitting the link.
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