A up-close look at Yamaha's two new Blu-ray players

Ben Drawbaugh
B. Drawbaugh|09.13.09

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A up-close look at Yamaha's two new Blu-ray players
New Yamaha Blu-ray players
Press shots are great and all, but you really can't appreciate a great piece of hardware from the likes of Yamaha until you see it in person. Of course the two new players were just announced so unless you went to CEDIA -- not trying to rub it in or anything -- you'll have to live vicariously through us and enjoy our pictures. Contrary to what we originally reported, both BD-S1900 and BD-S1065 feature a detachable power cord, and in addition, the 1900 also offers a direct mode that will help the obsessive compulsive type rest easy knowing their Blu-ray player is just passing on the original bits from the disc untouched.

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