HP Envy 13 exhumed lacking Voodoo DNA

It's been months since we've heard a peep from Voodoo or its swaggering founder, Rahul Sood. Now it seems that one of the changes headed to the Voodoo brand is no branding at all judging by the pics of this purported Envy 13 from parent company HP -- it steals both the name and size-indicative numbering from the Voodoo Envy 133 without a hint to its heritage. The 13.1-inch laptop is said to run Windows 7 on an Intel chipset. Visually we can see a pair of USB jacks, HDMI, and trackpad that looks to be packing some special sauce. A peak at Sood's Twitter account calls Tuesday "D Day" with the promise of "new product coming out in September/October (ish)," that will make you, "the envy of all your friends." In other words, we expect to learn more tomorrow. Backside pic after the break, more over at notebook italia.

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