Guildwatch: Yesterday, WoW was such an easy game to play

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|09.16.09

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Guildwatch: Yesterday, WoW was such an easy game to play

Writing all of this Guildwatch stuff this week has really had me pining for a hardcore raiding guild lately -- I don't know if I'd have the time or the interest to show up for all of the raids, but man, it must be a good feeling to roll up through Ulduar with nine other people and walk away with an awesome title and/or a Rusted Proto-drake like the folks above. Kudos to all the guilds that manage to pull it off, as reported right here on GW.

If your guild has done something noteworthy (or you've seen a particularly juicy piece of drama over on the guild forums), please do send us a note at Meanwhile, click on through the link below to see this week's drama, downed, and recruiting news.

  • One Percent on Aerie Peak-A is a Brazilian guild that lost a member last month -- after heading back from a meetup in real-life down there, Minilunar got sick, and a few weeks later passed away at the age of just 24. Very sad story, but the guild says they were glad to meet him and share a great week together. We're right alongside the guild in giving our sympathies to his family.
  • A classic tale of hubris, and even though it's not technically guild drama, it's too good to pass up: Vum of EU Sporeggar was so sure he'd get the server first 2700 rating and the Furious Gladiator title that he posted on the forums calling himself "Lord Vum" and bragging about his team and his guild Rogue Trainer. But pride comes before a fall, and sure enough, a little discovered account sharing later, not only did Blizzard reset their rating to 0, but they lost enough games to fall off the 2v2 ladder as well. Poor Vum's story was so inspiring people wrote songs about it.
  • We're not exactly sure what's going on here (sounds like someone named Ruta is pretty unhappy about her treatment within Incarna Mortis on EU Dragonblight, specifically them telling her that her DPS was low), but it is an excellent drama read, and we get name-dropped on page 2, so we pretty much have to post it here. Just in case the thread gets deleted (that's happening quite a bit lately, unfortunately, you can read the OP over on these forums as well). Personally, it sounds like Ruta is looking for a fight, and even she says later in the thread that she "has a knack for creating this kinda drama" (and that apparently she even sent the thread to us, though we heard about it from someone else as well), so the problem probably isn't necessarily with the guild. But good luck to them both.
  • Seven Deadly Sins of Azuremyst (who I believe have been mentioned in our downed section before) had a terrific implosion the other week. The "early group" has been rolling through progression a little faster than the "late group" and a few members have changed hands as well, and of course whenever you have inequality within a guild, you'll have some friction there. When the early group recommended some constructive criticism to the late group, it wasn't received well, and soon the late group had a /gquit pact going. In the middle of a Freya run, the guild lost about 15 members all at the same time. Some members of the late group weren't even told about the pact, and when asked, the gquitters said "we're only taking the best of the best." Good times. Fortunately, SDS is taking the whole thing in stride -- they're looking to rebuild the late group, and wish all of their former guildies, now in Nocturnal, good luck. They even sent along a guild bank care package, we hear, which is way more courtesy than the /gquitters afforded them in the first place.
  • Fatal Aggression (server?) suffered a "minor split" they say -- the guild leader reportedly was stressed out due to the raid leader and a raider stealing an item from a ToC 25-man run. After dealing with that drama, the guild leader decided he was done, and a former guild leader took over and cleaned house (most of the /gkicked, we're told, went to a new guild formed by the stressed out GL called Outcasted). FA is now trying to recruit to make up for the losses, so if you want a 25-man raiding guild farming old content and progressing on new, look them up (maybe they'll post their server in the comments below). And oh yeah, this should go without saying, but they won't accept or put up with ninjas at all.
  • Mediocrity would like to announce that they're headed to Shattered Halls to nab the Yogg+0 title still left to be claimed, and the locals don't respond well: either they're angry that a guild that failed on their own server wants to come over and play big man on theirs, or (and I like this one better), they just laugh at them and say other guilds have tried, but weren't able to get the transfer numbers they wanted and/or down the content. I agree, it's kind of a jerk move to show up on a server just to get some realm first titles, but on the other hand, I don't see Blizzard stepping in at any point in the future. If you want the title before a transfer guild gets it, you'll probably have to go get it yourself.
  • Finally, this is the best ever: Pillage on Garona-H recently started offering up Wintergrasp fishing licenses, for the low low cost of 500 gold per person or 5000 gold per guild. No seriously, they've got a fishing license form on their website and everything, all offered by the Official Pillage Department of Fish and Game. Laugh if you must, but if you're fishing in Wintergrasp on Garona-H, you'll need it. This guy didn't have one and got owned. I love it. A few people in the original thread claim it's possible to sneak around and fish without a license, but just like in real-life, if you get caught without one, you'll probably regret it.
  • Unseen on EU Daggerspine has been going through a "golden era," they say. They've brought down Yoggy on 10-man, and are working on clearing out Trial of the Crusader (they probably already have) and Ulduar's hard modes. Nice job! Keep up the good work.
  • Wrought from Ruin on my home server of Cenarius (and I assume that's their guild name, it wasn't their member named Wrought who was contacting us) took down Freya's hard mode the other week, and they say they were the 640th guild in the world to get it. Congrats!
  • Invalid Target on Bladefist-A downed 10-man Yogg late last month, and then went into ToC and cleared it out as well. They're seeking a few more players for group 2, contact ingame if interested.
  • Blood on Our Hands, a new 10-man raiding guild on Bronze Dragonflight downed Yogg-saron for the first time last month. They were planning to take a short break, but they're probably back in there by now downing hard modes.
  • Biscuit of Dewm on Cenarion Circle-A completed their first week of full-time raiding in Ulduar, successfully downing Kologarn, Iron Council, and Auriaya in two or three attempts each. Hodir's on notice for next time.
  • Cobra Command, a Horde guild on Gnomeregan is a (mostly) casual guild made up of real-life friends, but they're progressing right along: General Vezax in Ulduar 10 got one-shotted on their second night of trying (wait, is that really a "one-shot"? Don't think so). But Yogg is definitely on notice.
  • Team Hoff on EU Turalyon-H has grown into two 10-man teams and even a 25-man -- they've netted 6 kills in Ulduar 25, and have now finished off Yoggy in 10-man, as well as rocked the Argent Tournament. Malygos even got one-shotted for good measure. Congrats!
  • IOD on Andorhal, after two weeks of attempts and disconnects, has downed Iron Council Alliance first on the server. Congrats! They're also recruiting Rogues, Elemental Shamans, and a Boomkin.
  • Borean Kilted Yaksmen (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) on Thorium Brotherhood downed One Light in the Darkness on 10-man to complete their Glory of the Ulduar Raider achievement (you can see all of their envy-generating Rusted Proto-drakes above). They're also looking for skilled Enhancement Shamans, Arms Warriors, and tanks of any class to join the guild.
  • Dragonsbane on EU Dragonblight-A continues to rock the joint -- they've cleared out ToC up to Twin Val'kyr. And they're still recruiting mature raiders for 25-man ToC and Ulduar. Plus, a little place called Icecrown sits on the horizon...
  • Gryning of Aszune finally downed Yoggy 25. Apparently the raidleader wrote a massive set of instructions on the website, but it worked: after everyone resurrected from the wall of text hit, he went down quite easily.
  • Fates Downfall on Hellscream went into Ulduar and finished off FL, Razorscale (got A Close Shave as well), XT-002, and two-shot Kolgarn. Congrats on that one, nice first run.
  • After a summer hiatus from raiding, RRT on Tichondrius-H returned and downed Malygos 10 for the first time. Congratulations! Razorscale on notice.
  • Magic and Mayhem on Echo Isles recently snagged a server first 10-man (in between nights of 25-man raiding) Champion of Ulduar achievement and Glory of the Ulduar Raider after killing Yogg within their first handful of attempts. Congrats!
  • The Harlequins on Uldaman recently got a server first on Freya's hard mode, and then took out Mimiron's hard mode as well. Algalon is opened up, so he's on notice for next time.
  • Lions Tigers and Bears on the Muradin server is a tiny guild of about 12 people. And they finally downed Kel'thuzad a little while ago. Now off to Ulduar!
  • of the Whale on Eredar-H downed Yogg-Saron in Ulduar 10. The guild is also recruiting players who enjoy a relaxed and accepting atmosphere along with smart raiding.
  • Burrito Bandits of Eonar just killed Razorscale on their first attempt in Ulduar 10. They're aiming to start giving the 25-mans a go, and are recruiting Healers and Tanks of any class, as well as Shamans, Mages, and Warriors of any spec. If you're a fun-loving player who desires to raid and run heroics in a casual atmosphere, they're your guild.
  • Mattachine Knights on the Alliance side of the Proudmoore server downed Yogg-Saron after many painful weeks of trying to perfect phases two and three. Then, for good measure, they went in and downed most of ToC and Koralon as well. Anub is on notice for next time.
  • Chivalry, a diverse community-focused guild on Eonar, is now proudly 10/14 in Ulduar, 2/5 in ToC10, and downed Koralon the day he became available, all while continuing to revisit old content like Hyjal, they say, for fun and cake. Way to go.
  • Fidelity is a brand new guild on Silvermoon that's recruiting people for raiding Ulduar. While they may be new, the leaders have over four years of experience and know how to raid. They work hard at our raiding while at the same time not being extremely serious. And they're recruiting all classes and specs, so if you're interested, look them up.
  • Ascension on Blackwater Raiders-H is looking for more raiders to fill out the 25-man team. They're one of the oldest guilds on the server, and they mean business when raiding, but pride themselves on a sense of humor and respect for members. 18+ preferred (or at least be able to act like it). Apply on the website if interested.
  • Gladius de Deus is a casual 25-man raiding guild on Terenas that had a change in leadership leading to some downtime over the summer but came back with a flashbang. Downing Vexaz 10, Maly 25 and Sarth 3D 10 all within the last two weeks has been great, and they're also working on Yogg 10, the Keepers in Ulduar 25 and ToC 10. Always on the lookout for good tanks and healers that want to raid approx 6-11 PM server time.
  • Behemoth on The Scryers is all the way up to Yogg in Ulduar and looking for some more folks to join up and help them raid. They're serious about it -- they use and study WWS, keep vent clear when needed (though it's not usually needed on trash), and have zero tolerance for drama. If you're ready to up your game and get serious about raiding, they're interested in hearing from you.
  • Vogmor Corporation on EU Darkspear-H are recruiting to recuperate summertime losses. They have all ToC bosses down so far and only Yogg left in Ulduar. They have also done several hard modes as well. They are a casual raiding guild with raiding times and loot rules to suit even the casual player. Please be 18+, and visit the website to apply if interested.
  • The Hidden Palm is an RP guild which dabbles in PvE and PvP on Twisting Nether and are a laid-back guild made up of mostly adults. They're working to build up their ranks, and welcome any Alliance characters from season 20 (we assume that means level 20 -- crazy roleplayers!) upwards. No website yet, so go find them in game if you'd like to join.
  • Project Aurora on Nagrand is a group of mature, dedicated and fun-loving players that have ambitions to see end-game content at unconventional hours. They raid during the day from 1-6pm server time. They've done pretty well so far: Ulduar, Algalon, and most of Call of the Crusade. They're clearing out 10-man hard modes at the moment, and would like to do 25-mans as a daytime raiding guild. If you want to join, see them out ingame.
  • Peaceful Annihilation on Thunderhorn is now accepting applications from dedicated raiders. They are looking for all classes for the 25-man raids, and presently run Naxx, EoE, Vault and, soon, 10/25 man Ulduar. Contact them ingame or on the website to apply.
  • Cataclysm on Gorefiend is a fairly new guild recruiting all classes to start raiding. The guild founders have tons of raiding experience dating back to vanilla WoW. They are looking for people who can have fun but get down to business when it's time. Bank tabs, a vent server and a website all included -- hit up the site to apply.
  • WMC on Silvermoon-A is looking for all classes and specs, please be Naxx 25+ geared and ready to raid.
That's it for this week's GW. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!
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