Pentax K-x hands-on

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Paul Miller
September 17, 2009 11:32 PM
Pentax K-x hands-on
We just got a quick look at Pentax's value priced, 720p-shootin' DSLR, the K-x. Unfortunately, the models we saw were pretty early prototypes, so we didn't get to really see how the camera performs. Overall the build quality seems solid, but nothing incredible -- though quite good for the $650 pricepoint. We were sad to hear that those crazy color options will be Japan only: the US is only getting red, white, blue and black. But how about that red! We can honestly say it's one of the wilder shades we've seen on a consumer electronics product, and our camera seemed have a trouble comprehending the particular shade of red. We look forward to all the curious looks we'll get when we have a final build of the product to play with in the wild.

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