Five reasons to play Aion

Brooke Pilley
B. Pilley|09.19.09

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Five reasons to play Aion

We hope this article will shed some light on Aion and help you decide whether or not it pleases your taste buds. Aion is undoubtedly a unique game but it also offers enough familiarity to make things feel homey. It all comes down to player preference really, but based on the anticipation leading up to release, we are sure the game will have a successful launch.

Here are five reasons we think you should play Aion:

1) Polish and performance

It's really difficult to predict what will happen on launch day, but Aion is probably going to be a candidate for one of the smoothest MMO launches ever based on their track record of polish and performance throughout all the beta phases. It really comes down to two things: the graphics engine and launching in Korea nearly a year ago. We should also mention the recent removal of GameGuard from the launch client will assist things greatly.
Aion uses Crytek's CryEngine, which truly delivers a stunning and scalable gaming experience. High end computers are able to run the game with few issues at maximum settings and even older computers can expect a smooth and stylish client.

Most importantly, Aion released in Korea nearly a year ago and the North American and European clients have benefited from all the trials and tribulations over the past year. Basically, the major kinks have already been worked out and we're getting to play a more finished product.

2) Something old and something new

Aion doesn't come remotely close to reinventing the wheel when it comes to MMOs. It has taken more of the World of Warcraft approach to game design: Take what already works and make it even better. Anyone with at least one MMO under their belt will find Aion remarkably familiar even if the environments are different. Aion is a class-based MMO featuring all your favorite medieval archetypes. It features PvE, PvP, and even PvPvE. There are quests, raids, fortresses, crafting professions, merchants, auction houses, and a number of other fan favorite MMO components.

That said, the game also offers a breath of fresh air. Grouping isn't necessarily forced but it is highly encouraged, which is a departure from many post-WoW MMOs. The game also features a deep and rich storyline for your character to follow. There are many mysteries to be uncovered in your campaign quests. Then there's the novel approach to PvPvE.

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