The OverAchiever: Guide to Brewfest 2009 achievements

Officially-sanctioned drunkenness ahoy! The Brewfest boss Coren Direbrew has been updated for level 80 players and we'll see the return of the wolpertinger quest, but apart from that, the beloved holiday is back in all its judgment-impairing glory. Read on for a complete guide to the Brewfest achievements and getting the Brewmaster title. As with most of Azeroth's holidays, successful completion of the holiday meta is required for What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been, and many players will be getting their violet proto-drakes immediately after completing Brewfest 2009.

Myself? All that stands between me and my giant purple drake is School of Hard Knocks. I didn't think I could hate anything in the game as much as I hated the old Tauren cat form, but I may possibly have been incorrect.

Oh well. Two days into the holiday and my main will be too sloshed to care.

Brew of the Month

Its former incarnation involved drinking each of the 12 brews mailed to your character over the course of the year, but after much hue and cry, was changed to its significantly more forgiving current form. I would just like to state for the record that around this time last year I wrote a thoroughly detailed and explicit article on why you needed to join the freaking club early in order to get the meta-achievement, but apparently not everyone was paying attention. Honestly, people.

Joining the Brew of the Month Club will run you 200 Brewfest tokens for the membership form and a trip to Orgrimmar or Ironforge to turn the membership in to Ray'ma or Larkin Thunderbrew respectively. Turn it in, and you're all set.

The Brewfest Diet

One of the less time-consuming (but more filling) achievements, The Brewfest Diet simply requires you to purchase and eat 8 specific foodstuffs sold by Brewfest vendors, all of whom will be located in the central festival area. None of the items sold are very expensive, and all together they'll cost you 20 silver and 68 copper.

Dried Sausages, Savory Sausages, Spicy Smoked Sausages, Pickled Sausages, Succulent Sausages, and the Golden Link are all sold by the Brewfest sausage vendors Keiran Donoghue (Alliance) and Bron (Horde).

The Essential Brewfest Pretzel is sold by Arlen Lochlan (Alliance) and Uta Roughdough (Horde).

Spiced Onion Cheese (bleh) is sold by Anne Summers (Alliance) and Agnes Farwithers (Horde).

Not provided: cardiologist.


Killing Coren Direbrew at least once during Brewfest's roughly two-week duration is generally pretty easy, and you should find plenty of groups on the lookout for potential summoners, as each character can only summon him once. If you've never done the Coren fight before, here's a rundown, with more information available on his Wowwiki page.

Disturbing the Peace

The only difficult part of this achievement will be getting the tickets necessary to purchase three pieces of Brewfest clothing. You'll need to buy the following:

All are available from Brewfest token redeemers located in the central festival area (Belbi Quikswitch for the Alliance and Blix Fixwidget for the Horde). After you buy them, hearth or port to Dalaran, get yourself farshsnickert (the type of booze you drink doesn't matter as long as you get "completely smashed"), and /dance.

Does Your Wolpertinger Linger?

In 2007 the wolpertinger pet was available after a short and funny quest; in 2008 they could be purchased for 50 silver from the token redeemer NPC's. It turns out Blizzard found a bug with the wolpertinger and pink elekk quests that they weren't able to fix in time for Brewfest 2008 to go live, hence the speed of obtaining one last year. Anyway, this year the quest will be back in the game, and it's called Catch the Wild Wolpertinger. Unfortunately, I can't find a link to the Horde version, but it's the exact same quest, just given by (if I remember correctly) a goblin NPC in the central festival area.

Down With The Dark Iron

This is a really fun achievement, but one that's only possible if you've got enough people around to help defend the Brewfest camp (it's not a job that only a few people can accomplish on their own). For that reason, I'd advise doing it during server high times when lots of people are around. Every half-hour like clockwork, Dark Iron dwarves will attack both the Alliance and Horde Brewfest areas. If a sufficient number of people help defend the camp, the Dark Iron dwarves are driven off and leave a large cog in their wake that gives the daily quest This One Time, When I was Drunk. Turn this in, and that's the achievement. Incidentally, the quest also rewards 10 Brewfest tokens, so it's quite helpful while you're saving toward Brewfest clothing and/or the Brew of the Month club membership.

So how does one help defend? On tables around the central festival area you'll find Complimentary Brewfest Samplers. Pick one of these up and put it on one of your hotkeys. When the Dark Irons attack, keep tab-targeting through them while spamming the hotkey. The mug instantly refills itself so you'll keep drinking and tossing, drinking and tossing. The end result is that the Dark Irons will get smashed at the same time you are, and if enough people are defending alongside you, your faction's kegs will be saved and the daily quest item will appear on the ground as soon as the Dark Irons are driven off.

Drunken Stupor

Paladins, Rogues, Druids, and Mages won't have any more difficulty with this than they had with Going Down? due to immunity effects/less fall damage taken, but it's easy to do this if you know where to go (or if you just bribe a Paladin into DI'ing you on your way down some random horrifying cliff). Get "completely smashed" -- as with Disturbing the Peace, the type of liquor you use doesn't matter -- and head for Shattrath. The commenter Kurasu nailed the exact place I got Going Down? on my Druid -- jump (don't step) off the bridge at this location. The distance to the ground from the bridge is slightly less than 65 yards (which is why you've gotta jump), and you'll get the achievement without dying. For added fun, bring a heavy frostweave bandage with you, and you can get Ultimate Triage directly afterwards if you don't have it already.

Have Keg, Will Travel

This achievement is no longer dependent on having bought a Brewfest mount in 2007 or gotten lucky with the drop rate in 2008 -- if you don't yet have a Brewfest mount and can't coax Coren Direbrew into dropping one for you, just buy some Fresh Brewfest Hops from the token redeemer for the measly sum of 2 tokens, pull out whatever mount you like, and /use the Hops. You can also buy the reusable Preserved Brewfest Hops for 20 tokens, but even the non-reusable version will get you the achievement.

Strange Brew

As if you didn't have enough excuses to get all drunk and silly during this holiday? The Horde and the Alliance versions are slightly different as each faction has different competing breweries, but it's still fairly straightforward:



That should take care of your Brewfest achievements, but as always, we'll keep an eye on the holiday to see if anything new pops up. If so, this post will be updated and the change noted on the front page.

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