The Daily Grind: What game has the best /dances?

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There are tons of MMOs out there with /dance moves in them. Don't believe us? Search "mmo dance" on YouTube and you'll get an idea of all the various different ones out there. Sometimes they're easy to source, like all of the ones in World of Warcraft. Other times, they seem to have gone off and done their own thing, as perhaps with the video above from Aion.

With that said, some games do /dancing better than others - at least according to players. This morning we thought we'd ask you - which game do you think has the absolute best /dance emotes? Which has the absolute worst? If there are several different dances your character can do like City of Heroes and even Fallen Earth, which one is your absolute favorite? Alternately, if you can't decide, feel free to list all your favorites in the comments below!
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