BUGbase WiFi finally overcomes, ships in the US and Europe

Darren Murph
D. Murph|09.23.09

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BUGbase WiFi finally overcomes, ships in the US and Europe
It's hard to believe that BUG Labs has been helping tinkerers thinker for two whole years now, particularly when you realize that its BUGbase has been operating sans WiFi all along. At long last, after a painful battle with the licensing overlords connected to WiFi and Bluetooth, BUG has finally received approval to ship the BUGbase WiFi (which does BT as well) both here in the States as well as in Europe. Aside from those two huge additions, BUG also upgraded the device with a friction-fit docking connector and improved power management, not to mention a few subtle "under the hood" tweaks designed to make everyone's lives a little easier. Oh, and for existing BUGbase owners? A special BUGWiFi module will be shipping in a few weeks, and yes, all of BUG's other modules will be compatible with either base. Once you're done hopping around like a jovial schoolgirl, feel free to order your own BUGbase WiFi now for $449.
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