Five quick tips for Aion

Brooke Pilley
B. Pilley|09.23.09

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Brooke Pilley
September 23rd, 2009
Five quick tips for Aion
For those lucky enough to get past Aion's login queue, we're happy to announce five quick tips that will enhance your gaming experience. You can expect more of these kinds of posts in the weeks and months ahead. Let's get right into it, shall we?

1. Change the channel

The initial rush of new players coming in to Aion can really bung up certain areas of the game. While we're all for being social (see #5), this can lead to some long and frustrating waits for shared PvE content. Or maybe you're on a lower end rig and the massive amounts of players on screen is causing you performance issues. There is a remedy and it's called channel surfing.
Click the menu tab near your skill bar > Click 'Support' > Click 'Change Channel' > Pick a channel from the drop down and press 'Okay' -- You will be teleported to the exact same spot in another channel
You may also need to change your channel to meet up with group mates or rendezvous with another player to make a trade (item, gold, etc.).

2. Extended gliding

Once you reach level 10 and earn your first set of wings as a Daeva you'll no doubt want to take full advantage of flying and gliding whenever possible. You've also probably come across a number of people gliding along on seemingly flat/horizontal surfaces and scratched your head in disbelief. It's actually quite easy to do:
Enable auto-run and take your fingers off the forward movement key > Jump and tap your spacebar to extend your wings (for best results start on a slight or steep decline) > Press and hold your backward movement key (usually S or the down cursor) when you are just about to hit the ground > Your avatar will rise back up > Stop pressing backwards > Rinse and repeat
NCsoft basically calls this "thermodynamics;" pockets of hot air that allow your character to rise up while gliding. You can also steer left and right with your keyboard or mouse. But remember, enabling autorun makes all the difference.

3. Be a kleptomaniac

When you see something pick it up and use it, trade it, or sell it! Kinah is extremely important in Aion and there are a lot of money sinks from traveling to crafting to buying back lost stats after death. You are also highly encouraged to learn a craft so you become self-sufficient from a gear perspective and are able to earn money on the side. Learn to use the trade broker (auction house). It's also recommended that you buy an extra row of cube space (inventory) so you can carry more stuff. Don't forget to use your warehouse (bank) to store crafting materials before you go out hunting. This gives you more bag space for new goodies!

4. Manage your info

The 'All' chat tab can become extremely cluttered and it's very easy to miss out on important information. You can manage the filters on your other chat tabs by right-clicking on them. You can also add new chat tabs for specific purposes. Personally, I've added Legion- and Whisper-only chat tabs so I don't miss out on any important information. I'll check them every few minutes and then return to my default 'All' tab.

5. Be social

Aion is a highly social MMO, even though it may not appear that way from levels 1-18. Those early levels make it easy for players to be self-sufficient but beyond them you're going to start relying on people more often. Aside from the progression gains, it's also beneficial to socialize with others from a mental perspective. Chatting in chat or in vent stimulates your brain and helps you from becoming too singularily focused. Ask questions. Volunteer answers. Join a legion (guild). Shoot the $#*&. You don't have to become a social maniac but it doesn't hurt to stretch your mind from time to time. And yes, your character will get phatter l3wt too...
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