Windows 7 OEM pricing revealed by Newegg

Well, it's not the fifty bucks that OEMs are said to be paying for a copy of Windows on the average PC, but the pricing for individual OEM copies of Windows 7 has now finally been revealed by the folks at Newegg and, as expected, it's still a good deal cheaper than the full retail price. Things start at just $99.99 (after a $10 discount) for a full version of Windows 7 Home Premium (compared to $199 retail), and move up to $134.99 for the OEM Professional edition, and $174.99 for the Ultimate edition (also after a pre-order discount that's good until October 20th). Of course, there are a few limitations if you decide to go the OEM route yourself (like not being able to transfer the license between PCs, and a complete lack of an upgrade option), but we're guessing that extra $100+ back in your pocket will more than make up for those drawbacks with plenty of folks.

[Via DailyTech]