XBL Indie Game Clover picked up by Blitz Game Studios for PC

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XBL Indie Game Clover picked up by Blitz Game Studios for PC
That's right, Binary Tweed's watercolored Xbox Live Indie Game Clover is headed to the PC as Clover: A Curious Tale, courtesy of Blitz Game Studios. Developer Binary Tweed reports that the title is destined for digital distribution services and features a host of updates, including (direct from Binary Tweed's site):
  • New animations - all characters are articulated, clouds move, flames smoke and glow, water splashes, cats snore (!);
  • Completely voice-acted dialogue;
  • A new sub-quest, and multiple endings;
  • New puzzles, characters, and items (25% more items last time I checked);
  • New context-sensitive controls - this means no clumsy inventory menu;
  • Completely revised user interface;
  • Better player handling, and less annoyingly fiddly jumps;
  • Translations in French, Italian, German and Spanish;
  • Reworked soundtrack - longer, sexier.
Hopefully more people will be interested in the title on PC, because it didn't do too well on the Xbox 360. We'll let you know on price and on what digital distribution services you can expect to acquire it as soon as it's announced.

[Via Casual Gaming]
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