EQ's producer discusses new Legends of Norrath-gated instance after player concerns

William Dobson
W. Dobson|10.06.09

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Although the Legends of Norrath digital trading card game can be played completely separately from EverQuest, the two games have a lot of ties to each other beyond just lore. The former can be launched from within the latter game. There are also "loot cards" which not only function in LoN but can be redeemed in EverQuest for certain bonus items. Some people that play EQ but not LoN may have been upset in the past at missing out on a few of these loot card items, but it's doubtful that anything has caused as much of an outcry as is currently occurring over an upcoming loot card. The card in question is the Dragon Brood Crypt Key Card, and the resulting EQ reward will be the only way to access a brand new dungeon instance.
The players must have been fairly vocal with their concerns, as both Craig "Grimwell" Dalrymple and EverQuest's producer Thom Terrazas have discussed the issue in the last few days. They were able to provide some more information about the card: it seems that one person with the item can bring five other players with them to the instance, and once it is completed, they are locked out (unless they get another card to receive the quest again). If the final stages of the instance are not completed, the instance can be "farmed"; however, we are told that the only notable rewards come from the completion of the quest. Terrazas also said that the LoN devs are separate from the EQ devs, and that making this instance did not detract from work on the Underfoot expansion.

To get a taste of the overwhelmingly negative player reaction to this situation, continue reading the thread from Grimwell regarding the card. The backlash can be attributed to a few key facts:

  • Not all EverQuest players want to play Legends of Norrath
  • Legends of Norrath packs cost real money, like most TCGs, so it's not as simple as just playing to get the card
  • Also like other TCGs, buying a pack does not guarantee that you'll get the card you're looking for
Regardless of what rewards are to be had inside the instance (reportedly on par with Korafax group encounters) we don't doubt that a lot of players will remain unhappy about this situation if nothing changes.
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