Nokia Booklet to hit O2 Germany October 22 for €249 on contract (update: €749 total)

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|10.07.09

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Nokia Booklet to hit O2 Germany October 22 for €249 on contract (update: €749 total)
Nokia just posted up some of the first official details on the launch of the Booklet 3G, and they're... actually a little confusing. The aluminum netbook will hit O2 Germany for €249 ($366) on a €20 ($29) tariff over 24 months, but there's also mention of a "flat rate data tariff" of €25 ($36) per month -- we're guessing the flat rate is for buyers who snag the Booklet for the full price of €699 ($1,029), but honestly, that's not how the post on Nokia Conversations reads at all. We're trying to get it cleared up, and we've got a feeling we'll be hearing about availability in other markets including the States soon enough, so stick around.

Update: Okay, the Nokia PR is out and as commenter Amyd has helpfully translated for us, you're looking at two different payments here: the O2 MyHandy purchase program, where you buy the Booklet for €249 upfront and dish out €20 a month for two years, and the actual O2 wireless service, which is €25 a month. That's a total of €749 for the Booklet 3G, plus the service fee -- yeah, we'll pass.
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