Last Flight resurfaces as an episodic game

Remember Last Flight, the WiiWare vampires-on-a-plane game from Nibris expats Bloober Team? Sebastian from Any Given Gamer did, noticing a Tweet from executive producer Marcin Kawa that sort of indirectly referred to the game. He guessed that it meant news about Last Flight would be on the way, and he was right!

Bloober Team sent out some screenshots today! The last time we saw the game was over a year ago and just as concept art, so we're thrilled to see actual screens of food critic Larry Adelman taking out some vampires. In a fact sheet, Bloober Team outlined the game's motion-based slashing: each hand is mapped to either the Wiimote or Nunchuk, and moving the controller swings the weapon.

The game is being divided into four episodes, to make it "as accessible and affordable as possible." According to Bloober Team, the game is comparable to a boxed Wii release, but the bite-sized purchases remove a barrier to entry for people not sure about buying a game from a new team.

Perhaps the most surprising news: Eurogamer says that the game will be out this year!