Guildwatch: "My laywer is processing a subpoena"

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|10.14.09

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Guildwatch: "My laywer is processing a subpoena"

Isn't weird how, though they always promise there's a lawsuit or a subpeona on the way, it never actually appears in the mail? I've made my share of people angry in game (though not on purpose, never on purpose), and it's amazing how many players have cousins who happen to be lawyers or attorneys, ready to sue for the smallest thing at a moment's notice. If you all ever do get sued for something you do in-game, be sure to let us know -- it'd be a pretty historic case.

In the meantime, you can always let us know about any drama, downed, or recruiting news you see on the forums or ingame -- just drop us a note at Hit the link below to read what we've got on offer this week.

  • Xenocide on Kalecgos had a fun breakdown recently -- the co-GM Incarnadine emptied the bank, promoted an ex-officer, kicked most of the guild and then just disbanded the whole thing. They're regrouping, though: the guildies and officers have come back together and formed a guild called Placeholder (they're still recruiting, too). Twins are on notice, they say "you can't keep a good guild down."
  • Neoceo apparently ditched her ironically-named guild on Cairne, Slash G Kwit, leaving her guildies in the lurch. Our tipster says she had one guildie named Jonnyhoes as a love interest, and they transferred servers togther (he's now on Winterhoof) though if you read that thread started up by Sparklefist, these guys all seem to "get along" with each other pretty well. Doesn't seem like there's a super tawdry story here, just another guild falling apart.
  • One HP on Frostmourne claims they had their raid ID stolen by two different guilds, ARABS DRIFTING and Twelve, though those two guilds show up halfway down the first page of the thread and say that things are not what they seem: the run was actually a multiguild run, and they had multiple people from the first raid come along with them into the second. On the one hand, the OP is named "Reaperkillz" and seems pretty foul himself, but on the other hand, the defenders open up with the caps lock first, so we don't know who to believe! If only there was an actual cogent side to this argument.
  • You didn't think we'd pass up Brewfest without a little Direbrew drama, did you? Fireymurder is accused of ninja'ing the Tankard O' Terror, and an officer in his guild Cenarion Protectors steps up with a lot of class and says they won't tolerate that kind of action. Oh but wait -- Fireymurder says it wasn't him, he's having disconnect problems and sharing his account (whoops), and, umm, well, that's it. And the best part? Even after that "classy" apology and promise to make it right by the guild officer, he's still in the same guild. Of course, the OP didn't provide any screenshots, and the purported selling of the mace isn't corroborated either, but Firey's squirming non-denial is amusing.
  • This is a sordid tale if ever we've seen one: these two guys, Tipsy (a.k.a. Sirve) and Ferrari were two ninjas on the Alliance side of Winterhoof who decided to cut their losses and head over to Horde side looking for another guild. Team Redundant Team decided to pick them up on the Horde side, but secretly as a joke -- they'd keep the ninjas in their pocket, waiting to /gkick them in some explosive way whenever they had a good idea. The idea finally came when another guildie who'd been fighting with them in the guild got promoted up to officer -- he got the go to give them the heave-ho, and did unceremoniously. They left the server after that, and the whole thing resulted in this very angry vent recording (which is in .VRF format -- who posts Vent recordings? Just upload it to YouTube, dudes!) which you might find funny. I just like the tells above -- I kind of hope they did contact a "laywer" for "processing a subpoena," because that would be a very interesting case to watch.
  • If you're ever hanging out in Ulduar 10 with Till Death on Auchindoin, don't go /afk. Just don't. What you want (slightly NSFW) video proof? Here you go.
  • Finally, here's some more Vent recordings (in YouTube, as the Light intended). Apparently Pain Olympics has been causing trouble on Kel'thuzad, and they've posted not one but two different recordings of people very unhappy with them in Vent. Bewarned that both of them are very NSFW -- major nerdrage. It's a game, guys, go play some ultimate frisbee. All of you. Although the second recording is pretty funny: "We're going to record you and put you on YouTube." "Fine, record it, and put me on YouTube, and I'll go and listen to it myself!" And now you can!
  • The guild that I run with, Kindred on Cenarius-A, made our way into Ulduar for the very first time last weekend, and we did pretty well: Flame Leviathan down, Razorscale down with A Quick Shave, and XT-002 downed. Kologarn gave us a little trouble (and we skipped Ignis for now), but he'll be de-armed soon.
  • Arctica of Anub'arak has been attempting Algalon 25-man, and they've had a bad stretch of luck with disconnects and fight issues. But they finally took him out the other week and gained the server first title with 25 minutes to spare (I guess another guild got him down right after). Congrats!
  • Bring Out Your Dead on Runetotem has downed Onyxia 10-man, and they've done something we haven't heard about before: picked up the mount. Congrats to the raiding holy priest, Agrona, for nabbing a little Onyxia to ride around!
  • Not Enough Rage on EU Bronzebeard-EU got three guild firsts in just one night -- they finished off faction champs, the Twins, and Anub all in one evening. 25-man ToC is next up.
  • Fidelity of Silvermoon went 7/14 their first week in Ulduar, and then went back in again and cleared out Thorim. Hodir is on notice, if not downed already, and Anub on ToC 10 has met his end already as well.
  • We Know Stuff and Grog n Tar, Horde guilds on Hellscream that go way back, joined forces to defeat Anub'arak on 10-man ToC the first week he was available. Heroic version got their faces melted, but they'll be back. VoA 10 also dropped along with Malygos in the same night. Grats!
  • Crank Gankers on Shattered Halls hasn't actually downed any bosses lately (at least none that they want to tell us about: they just wanted to point out that they have an awesome domain name. It's
  • Eternal Reign on Lightbringer achieved the "world 15th" 25-man Anub'arak Heroic kill the other week, and did it within five wipes the next week, putting them up even higher on the rankings. They say they raid half the time of other guilds, so they're pretty proud of their achievements. Congrats!
  • Months Behind, on Mug'thol, has cleared Faction Champions in Trial of the Grand Crusader 25-man, making them Alliance second, though they're Alliance first A Tribute to Mad Skill. They're also recruiting all classes -- visit the site for more details.
  • Oblivion of Blade's Edge cleared 10-man ToC for the first time the other week. It was also the first time they'd ever seen the final three bosses, and they did in fact send screenshots or it didn't happen. Grats!
  • Portent Alliance (Sentinels-H) has recently downed General, Yogg, all of ToC 10, Sarth 2D and several Ulduar hard modes. They say all of these bosses ranks them as the top 10-man strict progression guild on the server. Way to go! They turned six years old last month, sticking together all the way back since their days on EQ and the Firiona Vie server.
  • Lich Slapped of Rexxar has been rocking in Ulduar 25 the past few weeks -- they're up to General, while also clearing out ToC 25. Yoggy 25 is up next, so he's on notice. Rock on!
  • Six Sigma on Wildhammer-H has recently reformed as a guild and put together three 10-man groups, all of them working on progression. 25-man is working through ToC as well as farming VoA and Ony in the same night. Nice job.
  • The Wardens of Alexstrasza, a Feathermoon Horde guild, have just downed Iron Council hard mode and have nailed down ToC 10. They're 3/5 on ToC 25 for attendance, so for the first time ever, we'll put a non-boss on notice: tardiness is on notice for next week. They're also recruiting for Ulduar and ToC 25 -- mature raiders wanted, specifically ranged DPS and healers of all flavors.
  • Chill on EU Dragonblight-A downed Anub in 10-man ToC. Thanks go out to their healers, they say, and the only man standing at the end: the pally. Figures.
  • Fidelity on Silvermoon downed Hodir for the first time the other night on 10-man. It was their second keeper, so we're putting Freya on notice for next time.
  • Fallen Nightmare on Baelgun has allied with Shot Glass Troopers and it's paying off already: they've got most of Naxx down, and are hoping to finish the whole instance very soon. Next up, they're headed to OS, and then on to Ulduar. Nothing at all wrong with taking the game at your own pace -- as long as you're downing bosses, you're doing it right.
  • Finality on Gnomeregan finished off the General in 10-man Ulduar, and have Yogg on notice. Grats!
  • Vintage on the EU Turalyon server cleared ToC on 10-man normal. Next up: farming some repair bills on 10-man heroic. That's always easier than farming the actual bosses, but not quite as fun.
  • Unpossible on Zul'Jin (who wrote that special Ulduar poem for us a while back) have now finished off Yogg on 25-man, and also took down Ony the first day she was out, as well as killing ToC 25. 10-mans are clear as well, so... Algalon on notice?
  • Crusade on EU Argent Dawn-A is a casual guild that raids three nights a week. They've gone up through ToC and Yoggy 10-man and are looking to start on 25-mans but need a few more. See them out ingame or on their website to apply.
  • The Fish and Bread Trick is a brand new Christian guild on the Ghostlands server -- they're not "a conversion squad or a Bible-thumping-spam-trade-channel" -- they're just a bunch of like-minded people who wanted to hang out together. They're not exclusively Christian, either -- they're open to all classes, all levels, and anyone with any belief or background, as long as you're mature and ready to respect others' beliefs. They're casual right now -- in the middle of transferring and level up to 80s, though they are moving towards both endgame raiding and a solid PvP group. Hit up the website for more information.
  • Deus Ex on Lightninghoof-A is a mature late night raiding guild looking for geared DPS. They are raiding Ulduar hard modes right now, and are seeking progression-ready readers, though Ulduar and ToC farmers are ok, too. Look for more on the website.
  • Death RePackaged of the EU Blade's Edge server has been going through a tough time over the previous two weeks, but they're determined to prove the "dying guild" rumors wrong. They're recruiting more of all classes, and working on picking up even more server second kills. Join them if you're ready to bring them back to life and then some.
  • Noir is a fast-growing Horde guild on the Fizzcrank server that is currently recruiting dedicated raiders who can make their three raid days. They raid on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday and are currently working on 10-man Ulduar and heroic ToC, as well as farming Onyia. Apply on the website if interested.
  • Imperia (EU Earthen Ring-A) is recruiting four DPS (a moonkin, a few mages, shadow priest, and a warlock) to pick up their ranged numbers. They're one of the leading raid groups on the server, are working on hard modes in Uldaman and ToC, and take pride in their laid back but focused atmosphere.
  • Gung Ho Heroes from EU Bronzebeard-H are looking for a few new players. They're a relaxed and friendly 10-man raiding guild working through Ulduar. They haev a few good tanks and healers, but they need some ranged DPS, and a death knight that knows their class. They're willing to run up to 25 if they have the numbers, but they're prefer to take it easy on 10-man first -- they have a "get to know you" policy for new members.
  • Crusaders of the Blade of Aerie Peak-A is a progression-based 10-man raiding guild that raids three nights a week. They're mature, casual, semi-serious, and looking for a handful of dedicated raiders to fill out the raiding group in Ulduar and ToC with occasional Ony and VoA runs as well. Apply right over on their website.
  • Quarantine is a Hordeside guild on Proudmoore. They're recruiting a few more to beef up the 25-man groups, and are a relatively new guild with dedicated people focused on "getting s#*$ done," yet casual enough not to require you to be at every raid. They usually raid Thursday and Friday starting around 6pm, and they're seeking mature and respectful friends ready to progress, any class or spec.
  • Supremacy on Aggramar is a mature, 18+ raiding guild that's looking to expand on its successful 10-man raid team up into 25-man content. They're friendly non-elites who enjoy progression without all the usual stress and drama. When they're not working on Ulduar, they farm Naxx and heroics for emblems and fun.

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!
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