Mabinogi's "Dragon" update adds... dragons

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|10.16.09

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Mabinogi's "Dragon" update adds... dragons

So, unsurprisingly, the new "Dragon" update to Mabinogi is adding dragons to the game. But not just one type of dragons is being added! Oh no, no, no, they've gone for two types of dragons -- the Red Dragons and the Blue Dragons.

It seems these two colors are wings deep in war with one another for control of the mythic Golden Dragon, and both sides will do anything to get their hands on this "master dragon" so to speak. Players, on the other hand, now have the option of flying hot air balloons right through the warzone.

Now, normally, we here at wouldn't recommend riding hot air balloons through areas that contain dragons at war, but these balloons have heavy weaponry mounted on them! So, if one of the pesky winged lizards gets too close to your ride, feel free to fire one of the mounted guns.

There is, of course, more to this update than just hot air balloons with cannons. Feel free to check out the patch notes on the Mabinogi community site, or check out the trailer below!

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