Curious XPERIA X3 tweet by Ericsson Labs makes you wonder

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|10.18.09

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Curious XPERIA X3 tweet by Ericsson Labs makes you wonder
Obviously, not every part of Ericsson (or Sony, for that matter) knows what's going on over at Sony Ericsson HQ -- though they share names, joint venture Sony Ericsson is a separate company, by and large, joined to its corporate parents more by ownership than by mindshare. Still, though, you can't help but find it interesting that Ericsson Labs' official Twitter account is tweeting about a story on Softpedia echoing recent rumors that the Android-powered, Rachael-skinned XPERIA X3 will finally bow next month. In the most sensational version of the conclusion-drawing that's about to occur, we'd say that Ericsson just underhandedly confirmed the story, the product, and the product's name -- and in the least sensational version, a dude in one division of a largely unrelated company is simply throwing out a story that he finds interesting. Considering the rumored specs on the X3, we're hoping its the former -- and realistically, we might only have a few more weeks before we find out.
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