iFixit shamelessly molests the new White MacBook with screwdriver

Kent Pribbernow
K. Pribbernow|10.21.09

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Kent Pribbernow
October 21, 2009 12:15 AM
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iFixit shamelessly molests the new White MacBook with screwdriver
You have to admire, and fear, the eager curiosity of the folks at iFixit. When they come across a cool new product, they immediately tear it into bits and pieces -- I just pray they never launch a site devoted to domestic pet care. iKilledit.

This time they've taken their scalpels and screwdrivers to Apple's newly released white MacBook polycarbonate unibody laptop and posted photos of every gory detail.

Like all iFixit teardowns, the process is thoroughly documented and designed to provide users with a guide for upgrading, repairing, and otherwise disassembling the hardware (in hopes the process is reveresable). And judging from the looks of things, this MacBook is very easy to upgrade, once the bottom plate is removed.

If you're curious to learn what makes this MacBook tick, check out iFixit's detailed teardown.
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